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Dexter Bobble Head

Product Review

One night I dreamt that someone broke into our house and killed my Siamese cat, Reese. I heard the noise and caught the burglar in the act.

I looked down at the blood on the floor and saw my cat’s head about three feet from his body.
I went berserk.

I smacked the intruder over the head with a geode (yes, there generally is a handy rock most everywhere in my home) and dragged him to the stairs and threw him down to the basement. He was just rousing as I came down the stairs with duct tape and plastic bags.

So, I hit him again. He was still breathing. I spread the plastic bags on the basement floor and laid him flat on them. Then, I duct taped his mouth shut and taped him down to the floor.

Then I woke up…..

My friend, Lisa, called and I told her about the dream.

She said, “Whoa, you had a Dexter dream?”

“I had a what?”

Lisa proceeds to tell me about Dexter. And the next thing I know, my closer friends are calling me “Bexter.”

So, I watched an episode just to see. Dexter killed a pedophile right up front. That had me interested. I admit, I am doing my best to catch up and I’m waiting with great anticipation to see Dexter kill an animal abuser.

It’s got to happen, right?

There really is a lot to like about Dexter. It’s not just the catharsis you get from seeing a truly bad guy get it, it’s the plots within the series that keep you watching. Even the contrast between the flamingo-threw-up brightness of Miami and the sizzling darkness of its underbelly fascinate me. And yes, I think the concept is plausible. If someone with Aspergers or Autism can learn societal rules, why not a sociopath?

Michael C. Hall is pretty cute, too.

On to the reviewed item. I’ve always joked that I am my own evil twin, but doesn’t every Bexter need a Dexter?

Bif Bang Pow! Quite a name for a company making bobble heads, but it definitely fits. The figure weighs in at about a pound, which isn’t heavy enough to kack someone over the head, but will hopefully prevent my cats from knocking Dexter down on my head while I’m working. And they seem to like headbutting the bobble head.

Dexter Bobble Head really does look like Michael C. Hall. Whoever sculpted his face, took meticulous care to get the eyes, jawline and expression spot on. Accessories and splatter look “scale,” too. It pleases me that the figure isn’t completely hollow. Best yet, Dexter doesn’t smell like plastic. (Sorry, no blood smell, either)

My one forensic-geek gripe. There’s fresh-looking blood on the butcher’s apron, but not on the Latex gloves or the saw? That doesn’t seem likely.
There are several varieties of Dexter bobble heads from Bif Bang Pow!, including one where he is holding his son, Harrison. Dark Passenger is my favorite. What would our favorite television sociopath be without his saw and bloody apron?
Reviewed by: Rebecca McFarland Kyle

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Dexter Bobble Head Review
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Dexter Bobble Head Review
Dexter Bobble Head Review
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