Diana Peterfreund Interview

Diana Peterfreund Interview

Diana Peterfreund, Secret Society Girl Series

Author Of The Secret Society Girl Series.

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JMW: Hello, this is Jean Marie Ward for BuzzyMag.com With me today is Diana Peterfreund, the best selling author of “For Darkness Shows the Stars”. Welcome, Diana.

Diana Peterfreund : Hi.

JMW: “For Darkness Shows the Stars” has a killer concept, a post apocalyptic persuasion. Where did that come from?

Diana Peterfreund : There were actually two ideas. It’s sort of mixed in together. I love Jean Arthur’s “Persuasion”. I’m a huge fan and I wanted to write my own version of that story for a really long time, and I also wanted to write a post apocalyptic story because I love reading those kind of novels. One day the two ideas just collided and I realized it was the perfect way to sort of bring the story of “Persuasion” to a new audience.

JMW: It’s not the only story, however, set in this universe. Don’t you have something else about your heroes, Elliot and Kai, out on the web?

Diana Peterfreund : Yes, I do actually. To celebrate the release of the book, I have a free prequel available. It’s called “Among the Name of the Stars”, and it is the story of Kai’s adventure as before the start of the “For Darkness Shows the Stars” and you can get it for free from my website.

JMW: Oh, yes, and also I think through Harper Collins.

Diana Peterfreund : Yes.

JMW: Publisher of the book.

Diana Peterfreund : For a limited time, but after that it will be available on my website.

Rest Of The Interview On Video.

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