Doctor Who Character Building 11 Doctor Mini Figure Set – Product Review

Doctor Who Char Building 11 Doctor Mini Figure Set
Product Review

Doctor Who Char Building 11 Doctor Mini Figure Set

I first tuned into Doctor Who as a little kid one weekend night when I was up channel surfing. My initial impression was that someone did a black and white remake of the Wizard of Oz. Pretty quicky, I realized I was nowhere near Kansas. Of course, I was hooked.

Coverage for the program was spotty in Oklahoma, but I followed through the Fifth Doctor whenever I could find Doctor Who. When I realized Peter Davison, who I first came to adore as Tristan in All Creatures Great and Small, was being regenerated, I stopped watching until the Ninth Doctor.

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Now, I’m solidly hooked and old enough to roll with the changes. And yes, I needed a Tardis and some of the Doctors to play with. The Eleven Doctors set was definitely a must, but it’s a mixed review.

THE GOOD: The Eleven Doctors come boxed in an attractive Tardis – themed case which opens up to side panels with information on each doctor and a set of central display windows which feature the individual characters in numeric order. The case doesn’t need propping to stay open and if you want it closed, you’ve got a Velcro® closer, which I thought was a very nice touch. Most Doctors have an accessory to hold, often their unique version of the Sonic Screwdriver.

Doctor Who Char Building 11 Doctor Mini Figure Set

THE BAD: Part of the fun of buying a building set is actually building something. While this display is attractive, you’re deprived of the fun of putting the pieces together to see the final product. Admittedly, assembling eleven tiny men could get tedious after awhile and if they weren’t separated into individual baggies, could result in some Dr. FrankenWhos, but isn’t that part of what the fun is about?

There is some discussion about the quality of these blocks compared to LEGO®. They are compatible, but they don’t have quite the same fit and finish. Some devoted Whovians will complain that the Fourth Doctor does not have his signature hat, where others will like that they get to see his mop of curly hair. I miss the Tenth Doctor’s duster, but I think they’ve done a very credible job on David Tennant’s face and hair.

THE UNDECIDED: The Big Question here is DISPLAY or PLAY? Should you de-box (or “debauch” if you are a rabid NRFB*collector). If you take the box apart to play, the display won’t look so nice and pristine if you should decide to put it back together again.

But what about playing with the doctors? I’ve always had a yen for the Fifth and Tenth Doctors—and I have to just look at them behind the plastic? I also have the mini Tardis—does this mean Amelia Pond and the Eleventh Doctor are the only ones who get to play with it?

Probably the best solution is to get two sets, one to keep intact and the other to play with. Wouldn’t it be fun to create some Dr. FrankenWhos — swap heads out and see a wardrobe change? Or see how many Doctors you can fit into the mini Tardis? You definitely will need more than one Doctor if you’re getting the Daleks and the Weeping Angels sets, too.

If you do choose to debox the set, remember this is not a toy which is suitable for pets or very small children. These figures have tiny parts which could pose a choking hazard.

*NRFB means Never Removed From Box

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Review by Rebecca McFarland Kyle


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    You have a lot more self control than I do. Those little guys would be out of the packaging before you could even say say “Allons-y”