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12 Days Of GiveAways 2012

Nook HD
A Winner Will Be Picked At Random — 12/12/12

E readers are here to stay and the queen of e readers is the Nook. In addtion to your library you can do your email, browse the net, play games, download music and get all sorts of other nifty apps. You can even download Buzzy audiobooks to keep you amused while working out at the gym, walking your dog or kicking back at the end of long day’s work.


snarky shirts

10 Buzzy Tees
A Winner Will Be Picked At Random — 12/11/12

You can express yourself in at least ten different ways. With more than 100 designs to choose from your sole dilemma will be choosing only ten. How many you will keep for yourself and how many will you select as gifts for deserving family and friends is up to you.


Pair Of Raven Wine Glasses
A Winner Will Be Picked At Random — 12/8/12

A pair of beautifully etched wine glasses that evoke the mystery of the Raven. Millenia old traditions pay tribute to the Raven and now you may partake in the magic and the mystery.


Issue Of Bull Spec Magazine
A Winner Will Be Picked At Random — 12/9/12

Bull Spec is a quarterly magazine of speculative fiction. A voice emerging from the Piedmont of North Carolina that reaches to the farthest corner of the imagination. Bull Spec offers fiction, poetry,reviews of books, comics, and movies. Wether you loved the pulp zines of the Golden Age or newer and more edgy sci-fi subgenres like cyberpunk, this is a journal that will have something of interest for you.


Lego Atlantis Kit
A Winner Will Be Picked At Random — 12/8/12

Where oh where has the city of Atlantis gone? Rebuild it and discover the lost world for yourself! The ingenious minds at Lego have brought us a game that recreates the magical land of Atlantis, lost beneath the deep ocean waves.


In A Fix by Linda Grimes
A Winner Will Be Picked At Random — 12/7/12

This action-packed story introduces the ultra exciting life of aura adaptor Ciel Halligan. Ciel is a kind of human shape-shifter; her clients pay her to take on their appearance and deal with any…complications…in their life they’d rather not mess with.


Space Checkers
A Winner Will Be Picked At Random — 12/6/12

The race for Earth is on! And YOU can be the conqueror! Be the fearless leader of one of four small armies of alien warriors as they battle for Earth in Space Checkers, a thrilling space warfare game.


A Dark History The Popes
A Winner Will Be Picked At Random — 12/5/12

This 256-page book by Brenda Ralph Lewis, author of A Dark History: The Kings and Queens of England and A Dark History: The Kings and Queens of Europe, paints a haunting picture of history’s long list of Catholic Popes. Perhaps Christianity’s most honored and mysterious figure-heads, the Popes have been no strangers to scandal and controversy.


Ship In A Bottle
A Winner Will Be Picked At Random — 12/4/12

Arr, matey! Adventure upon the high seas awaits you with the Pirate Ship in a Bottle kit. Build your own replica of Queen Anne’s Revenge, beloved vessel of Captain Blackbeard, as you read all about the infamous pirate in the accompanying book.


The Death Of King Arthur by Peter Ackroyd
A Winner Will Be Picked At Random — 12/3/12

In this fantastic adaptation of Sir Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur, Peter Ackroyd, renowned biographer, recounts the classic tale of Camelot with elegant flair and modern perspective. Reeling in the success of his contemporary take on Chaucer’s middle English Canterbury Tales, Ackroyd brings to 21st century readers a poignant look at the perils of Malory’s beloved and doomed characters, including King Arthur, Merlin the wizard, the captivating Guinevere, Sirs Lancelot and Galahad, and of course, the noble sword and character in its own right, Excalibur.


Army Vs Aliens Game
A Winner Will Be Picked At Random — 12/2/12

Alien invasions have never been as fun as the Army vs. Aliens dice rolling game! Gather your friends, divide into two teams, and find out who really comes out on top in alien warfare—earthly soldiers or out-of-this-world extraterrestrials. Wanna be an alien?


Kirigami Kit
A Winner Will Be Picked At Random — 12/1/12

Are you an origami expert looking for your next challenge? Or do you simply love learning about all things Eastern? Then kirigami is the craft for you. The Japanese art of weaving and cutting exquisitely colored paper into delightful designs has been practiced by cultures throughout the world for centuries.


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