Game Of Thrones Question

Dear Sara,

What is the real deal with Lord Varys in Game of Thrones? Is he really only loyal to the realm as he claims or is he trying to bring back Targaryen rule? What would be the benefit to him either way?

Ed Kovacks


Lord Varys, Games of Thrones

Dear Ed,

Varys, Master of Whisperers, is said to be a eunuch with no family, no lands, nothing to leave behind. He does wield some power behind the throne and he understands the importance of discretion. He first rose to his position under Targaryen rule but he also suffered under them. My guess is he wants to see a ruler on the Iron Throne who is strong enough to keep the nation from dissolving into anarchy and capable of repelling invaders. I also believe he has a need to avenge himself if he was forcibly castrated. The pain and humiliation of castration coupled with a permanent inabilty to have children has been known to create a need for payback. Petyr Baelish had a conversation with Varys where he offered him young boys in his brothel. Wether that was to torment Varys or if it implies that not all of his equpment was removed is a moot question.

-Sara Bellum

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