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Game of Thrones House Sigil Shot Glass Set


Game of Thrones House Sigil Shot Glasses

Game of Thrones House Sigil Shot Glasses

I’m a huge fan of anachronism. Without my glasses, I would have landed beneath at least one troll bridge at Scarborough Faire. And I would not have had the photographic evidence to show I’d been there.

However, when I first saw the
Game of Thrones Shot Glasses shot glasses, anachronism was the first word on my lips. When I think of GoT drinking, I think of beautifully engraved goblets filled with spiced and mulled wines and flagons of dark honeyed ales. What would GoT characters do with such a pittance of booze?

Then, a fiendishly brilliant idea occurred: Drinking Game.

I confess, I am a Drinking Game Virgin. If I’m drinking, I tend to pour what I want and just enjoy.

So, I consulted a team of trusty drinking game vets and fellow GoT fans.

The episodes really do lend themselves to drinking games. Pick any trigger you want:

* Nudity/sex
* Profanity
* Violence
* Point of View Changes
* Drinking
* Insults
* Conspiracy
* Foreign language (Particularly annoying to a friend with a hearing impairment who has to turn on captioning for those scenes)
* Your favorite character
* Your favorite house
* Appearance of a character from the house which bears the sigil on your shot glass

Just for grins, the Spouse (Tony) and I gave it a try. Our weapon of choice, Demon Root Beer in 12 ounce glass bottles: Henry Weinhardt for him, IBC Diet for me, because I needed to remain sober enough to write this review afterward.

Tony chose profanity and I chose violence. We rolled dice and ended up with Season 1, Episode 5. This is the episode where King Robert and Eddard Stark are at loggerheads over killing Daenerys, so there was plentiful for both of us to drink over.

Tony’s bottle was empty before the end of the show. Mine right at the credits when Eddard was wounded in the leg. I’m certain if we were drinking hard liquor, neither of us would have made it halfway through.

Warning: Choose your drinks carefully. Tony and I would have been under the table before the end of our chosen episode had we gone with hard liquor. Even alcohol substitutes have their drawbacks. Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister on GoT) is no fan of the grape juice they use as a substitute for wine because of its laxative effect.

This is a nice set for friends who enjoy collecting souvenir barware. It comes packaged in an attractive lined case with five one-ounce GoT sigil glasses, including House Greyjoy, House Stark, House Targaryen, House Lannister, and House Baratheon. Glasses are sturdy enough to clink without cracking and attractive enough to please any GoT fan. I’m particularly fond of the Targaryen and Stark glasses.

The case is finished in a rustic-stained basswood with the Game of Thrones title emblazoned on the lid. It is lined with dark gray foam (HBO’s product description says black) to protect the glasses. Unfortunately, the box itself is a light basswood which is easily stained and sadly, easily broken.

HBO also has individual wine glasses, steins and shot glasses available if you don’t want a full set.

Special thanks to the following (in alphabetical order) who kindly helped me with ideas for the Drinking Game:
Matt Borgard
Carol Joynt
Tony Kyle (for using his limited supply of his favorite root beer for the experiment and taking photos)
Jim Reader
Tracy Simmons Bitonti
Kimbro West

Reviewed by Becky Kyle

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