Game Of Thrones Sigil Umbrella – Product Review

Game Of Thrones Sigil Umbrella
Product Review
by Rebecca McFarland Kyle

Game Of Thrones Sigil Umbrella

Game Of Thrones Sigil Umbrella

I am lucky enough to have had two moms: the one who gave birth to me and raised me for the first half of my life and the one who claimed me as a heart-daughter and guided me onward after my birth-mom’s death.

“Carry an umbrella wherever you go,” my birth Mom would advise. “If the sun’s too hot, you have shade. If it rains, you stay dry. And if anyone tries to harm you, you can protect yourself.”

Imagine a tiny gray-haired woman with thick glasses wearing Keds brandishing an ancient World War II umbrella (a cherished present from her Dad) in the en garde position and you will see my Mom. When I was a kid, I tried that umbrella out as a weapon. It was heavy: made back in the day when parts were machined metal and the turquoise fabric was real thick silk. I stabbed a cardboard box with the point and the umbrella actually made a hole!

My birth Mom taught me to be situationally aware and protect myself with whatever was at hand. My heart-Mom, who survived a carjacking and near rape attempt by an armed man, taught me that no matter what happens keep your spirits up and carry beauty in your heart with you.

“If Life rains on your parade, open up a pretty umbrella and just keep on marching,” is my heart-Mom’s motto.

I don’t much care for umbrellas. We lived for sixteen months in Portland, Oregon and I didn’t carry one on my daily walks. Never had a regret—not even when I got stuck in a sleet storm—on July 15th!—and returned home to discover my hair had turned to ice dreadlocks. (Hint: if this ever happens to you, don’t try to comb your hair until it thaws out!)

But this is the umbrella I’d be proud to hoist real or “Liquid Sunshine.” (That’s Portlander for “rain”) It’s a basic black fabric with the seven sigils from all of (Game Of Thrones) Westeros’ Houses: the direwolf from House Stark, lion from House Lannister, golden rose from House Tyrell, stag from House Baratheon, the flaming heart stag from Stannis Baratheon, kraken from house Greyjoy, and three-headed dragon from House Targaryen.

This is a folding umbrella, which tucks neatly into a plain black pouch. It’s light enough to carry in a book bag or backpack, but the fabric is durable and will withstand even an Oklahoma “toad strangler.”

The handle’s one of the best I’ve seen. It’s good a deep enough grip not to slip in wet weather. The curved shape does sluice the rain off. One tip from my birth mom: don’t just fold your umbrella up wet when you are done. Let it dry in a place where it won’t damage the floor or furniture. This is what kept her silk umbrella beautiful for so many years.

I think both my moms would approve. My heart Mom would love this umbrella for the beautiful design. My birth mother would approve of the functionality. Can I defend myself with it? I doubt it. While it’s sturdy enough for the stated purpose of keeping me dry in the rain, I am not sure I would count on it in a tense situation.

Considering the comments I’ve gotten when I have (reluctantly) used the umbrella in the rain, I suspect my greatest fear is that some Game Of Thrones fan might try to steal it from me.

Review By
Rebecca McFarland Kyle, June 2013

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Rebecca Kyle

Rebecca Kyle

Buzzy Product & Book Reviewer Rebecca McFarland Kyle was born on Friday 13th in the midst of a Casper, Wyoming snowstorm. Aside from writing reviews, she?s an editor for Conclave: A Journal of Character and Shelfstealers. She has publication credits in both nonfiction and fiction and is currently working on three young adult novels. She lives between the Smoky and Cumberland Mountains with her techno-gypsy spouse and four felines.
Rebecca Kyle
Game of Thrones Umbrella
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Game of Thrones Umbrella
Game of Thrones Umbrella