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Winter is Coming Heat Sensitive Mug
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For some, a hot beverage is a social convention. For me in wintertime, it’s a necessity.

I don’t care how long winter lasts—I want woolly socks, a cuddly bathrobe, a cat or two on my lap, a roaring fire, a few good books, and something warm to drink. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in this order, but the hot drink will substitute for all of the other items in a pinch.

It’s October and I’ve dusted off the coffeemaker and started making hot tea. I drink tea year round, but I get finicky during winter. Hot tea must be served hot. I can’t stand tepid.

The idea of a mug that physically tells me if the tea is still hot intrigues me. I generally keep a cup of tea at my side through the morning, but I’m easily distracted by the shiny and I live with four cats—so you can imagine the level of interruption some days. No more getting distracted and reaching out for a not hot gulp of….gack, it’s ice cold and disgusting!

The mug comes to you charcoal gray with the wolf sigil in a lighter gray. As the hot water pours in the mug starts changing. The main cup part of the mug turns white, the sigil turns dark gray and on the back where nothing had been is the saying Winter is Coming” with “Stark” and “Game of Thrones” beneath that.

One thing that concerned me was whether a mug that registered heat or cold would actually hold heat. The cup stays warm for around eighteen minutes—though your time may vary depending on the temperature your beverage was brewed to, the ambient temperature of the room, and whether you have the cup set out on coaster or a cold surface. You can even hold the mug and enjoy the heat and inhale the fragrant steam from your beverage.

As you can see from the picture, the mug will even tell you if it’s half-full or half empty. Your description will vary depending upon your personal level of optimism—and possibly whether it’s a Monday or not.

The description says the mug is dishwasher safe, which is very good. Stuff that needs hand-washing doesn’t tend to get washed too often.

This mug holds eleven ounces. I normally brew my tea in twelve ounce increments, so I had to switch back to the ten ounce setting in the coffeemaker. It just means my tea’s a bit stronger—which I probably need on those cold, sleepy mornings.

WARNING: A mug this “cool” is likely to disappear if you take it to work in Cubeville. You might have to secure a wolf—or a dragon—to keep it safe—particularly if you are fortunate enough to work with GoT fans.

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Rebecca Kyle

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Game Of Thrones Mug
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Game Of Thrones Mug
Bring on a little fire and blood with the Game of Thrones Targaryen Heat Sensitive Mug. The dark mug features the House Targaryen three-headed dragon sigil in vibrant red. Pour hot liquids into the mug and breath a little life into the design as the mug turns white and reveals the Targaryen motto of Fire and Blood.
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