Geek Quiz of Awesome

Geek Quiz of Awesome

geek quizGeeks are like family. We argue about plot points and television stars, magic versus technology, and whether Syfy is trying to kill us via cancelling our beloved shows. Our books, cosplay, and fandom draw us to large gatherings like Comicon and Dragoncon to find others to add to our circle.

Times are hard and money is tight, so I thought some of you might fit in with me and mine. The following is your geek quiz. You get 1 point for every geek statement you agree with. You get another point for each time you share this quiz with friends using the hashtag #MyGeekScore (so don’t forget to add your points) and since it is my birthday THERE is a PRIZE! You also get points for following me on (Facebook or Twitter.) Since you are full of geeky goodness, I will follow you back and friend you! Now take the quiz already. The other stuff is at the bottom and you’ll need your score ready.

  1. You know what a Red Wedding is.
  2. There is a TARDIS anything in your house.
  3. You know how to spray paint a demon trap.
  4. You routinely fill your canteen with Holy Water.
  5. You possibly curse in Mandarin. (Or, Klingon)
  6. Han shot first.
  7. Where is my hover-board Marty McFly?
  8. You know the words to the soft kitty song.
  9. You say “Shiny” and “Gorram”.
  10. Anyone (including you) who drives or ever drove an Impala is cool. (Why yes, I did.)
  11. If you take a group photo, and anyone has red eyes, you know for certain that they’re a shape-shifter, and you very promptly melt the family silver into bullets.
  12. You never say Bloody Mary into a mirror. Not ever, also never.
  13. You wonder if Harry Dresden could take on Saruman.
  14. Bring Back Firefly.
  15. You won’t allow a woman dressed in white into your car, even if she’s your mom.
  16. You LARP.
  17. You have a fighting light saber and one for show. (or you want them)
  18. You’ve filled shotgun shells with rock salt.
  19. There is more than one cosplay in your closet.
  20. When a dog barks in your neighborhood, you are compelled to see the dog with your eyes to prove that it isn’t a Hellhound.
  21. If you could find the Fringe bridge, you’d go to the alternate universe to find yourself.
  22. Who is the best princess? Lumpy Space Princess!!
  23. The fact that there are roadhouses stocked with beer in Heaven isn’t a surprise.
  24. Aliens are real. Is that even a question?
  25. You say Meh.
  26. When you face Death, you bring fried pickles.
  27. Your rock, paper, scissors includes lizard and Spock.
  28. You have a pocket watch.
  29. You have to think twice when an Amber Alert is called.
  30. When War comes into the conversation, you think of red Mustangs.
  31. Charm isn’t something people have, it’s something they wear.
  32. You want a coat like Captain Jack Harkness.
  33. When the temperature drops, you worry that Lucifer is in the neighborhood.
  34. You own a sonic screwdriver.
  35. Pie is one of the four food groups. (Bacon-double Cheeseburgers, Beer, Beer, and Pie)
  36. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. !!!!!!
  37. Tats are to keep one from becoming demon possessed—obviously.
  38. You’re a Browncoat.
  39. If your neighbor’s shrubbery dies, you know they are either a witch or Moriarty.
  40. You are considering a crossroads deal to cover your college loan debt.
  41. You own more than 6 dice and Yahtzee doesn’t count.
  42. Borax is your friend.
  43. You have a favorite Doctor.
  44. You can make a sword from plumbing supplies.
  45. Nice hotels are haunted. Cheap motels are awesome and have hot tubs.
  46. You have a collectable action figure.
  47. You know who said “Live long and prosper” and can make the appropriate hand sign.
  48. If a child has an imaginary friend, it is always a ghost, and always evil.
  49. You own a white board.
  50. Any car can start by itself, put itself in drive, and run you over.
  51. You stayed up late to watch the Mars Rover on a live feed from NASA
  52. You’ve built your own computer.
  53. You really, really want steampunk goggles.
  54. You’ve memorized the lyrics to every Styx song and you don’t know who they are.
  55. Flickering lights are never the sign of a bad electrical connection.
  56. Joss Whedon is the king.
  57. You still have Magic the Gathering cards.
  58. You know what MMORPG means.
  59. Bow ties are cool.
  60. No, Nathan Fillion is the king.
  61. Ichabod Crane is appalled by a 10% tax on pastries, and is also hot.
  62. You still want a Tribble.
  63. High school and college campuses area hotbeds of supernatural activity.
  64. Hacking your phone is a piece of cake.
  65. You failed the Turing test.
  66. Pretty girls can be werewolves, or vampires, or other horrible monsters. They’re attractive for a reason. Also, they hardly ever know it.
  67. Buffy rocks.
  68. You play WoW or LoL.
  69. You’re terrified of a Turducken sandwich.
  70. You’re a better driver on Mario Carts than on the street.
  71. Bacon!
  72. You can make your own holy water.
  73. You can play snake on Youtube.
  74. DRM? Hahahahahaha!
  75. Xander got the short end of the stick.
  76. The Force is with you.
  77. Spike is cooler than Angel.
  78. Indiana Jones has the only hat worth wearing.
  79. Except Jayne.
  80. You have a 3D chess set.
  81. You play drinking games with the television.
  82. You’ve considered a Kickstarter to fund your mutant army.
  83. You want to work at Stark Industries.
  84. Your Spidey senses tingle.
  85. You void warrantees.
  86. Bacon pancakes!
  87. You would fight for Serenity Valley
  88. No, I will not fix your computer. *sigh*
  89. Pluto is still a planet.
  90. One simply does not Telnet into Mordor.
  91. You have a sword.
  92. You own Graphic Novels. In plastic.
  93. If you can’t have Indiana’s or Jayne’s hat, you want a Fez.
  94. You have a Zombie Apocalypse plan.
  95. You have Star Wars family decals on your car.
  96. When your child is in the Time Out chair for bad behavior, you pour a circle of salt around him/her—just in case.
  97. You run a Minecraft server. (Or your friend does)
  98. Shaun of the Dead is awesome.
  99. You always wear a seatbelt—it keeps the aliens from sucking you out of the car.

Geeks are the most awesome people on Earth so I know that you won’t cheat on your geek score. If you want extra points, you get one for each time you tweet or post this article on facebook. You have to use the hashtag (#MyGeekScore) or the random finder of things can’t see your entry, mkay? So post this to twitter or facebook.

I’m a super geek and my score is 70 #MyGeekScore

Written by Julie Butcher

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Geek Quiz of Awesome
Article Name
Geek Quiz of Awesome
The following is your geek quiz. You get 1 point for every geek statement you agree with.