What are all of the Jedi Force Powers?

One does not immediately become a Jedi Knight. One must be trained in all aspects of the Force.

A guide to Jedi Force powers. A list of Force powers – what they are, what they mean and where they appear in the Star Wars Films and Books.

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Dear Sara,

Jedi Force powers are a huge thing in the Star Wars movies.  I was wondering what all the Force powers were and what a Jedi has to learn in training to become a full Jedi Knight.



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Dear Kelly,

The Force powers studied and mastered by a Jedi in training are very complicated. ‘Jedi College’ is divided into three categories – Control, Sense, and Alter. Each Jedi must master all three branches in that order to reach full Jedi status. The Jedi Council designed the programs in order from lowest in difficulty to the most complex.


✶ The short summary of each level created by the Jedi Council ✶
(Scroll down for details)

Control: When Yoda first met Anakin Skywalker, he dropped this hot piece of information – “Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate… leads to suffering.” This is the essence of lesson one, Control. The Jedi must first learn to control all aspects of themselves before they can move on to reach the next stage of harnessing their Force powers.
Sense: Jedi Force powers under the “Sense” umbrella are exactly what you’d think they would be. Just amped up… but not in a magic crystal ball/chanting psychic in a tent kind of way… They are taught to exercise their natural abilities of tapping into the Force as a way to connect with the galaxy and their surroundings. Picking up information from the environment, objects, and even people far away, are all things a Jedi would use their senses for. This is where the Force really becomes a part of who they are. A great example is when Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi senses “a great disturbance in the Force.

Alter: As the Jedi Force powers that kids are most likely practicing in the backyard, this tier is widely viewed as the most awe-inspiring. Here they learn everything from throwing random objects with their minds and creating a storm shield, to controlling the minds and actions of their adversaries. Obi-Wan Kenobi used mind control in A New Hope to convince the Stormtrooper that “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

✶ In-depth Details of Jedi Force Powers ✶
Canon and Legends

(with links to example appearances)

    • Control – Control Self and Energy

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    • Curato Salva – Self-Healing Physically & Emotionally, Maintaining general health.
        • Detoxify Poison
          – Remove all toxins from physical body.
        • Flashburn
          Jedi can pick parts of their minds to shut down. Allows user to block certain memories or trauma.
        • Hibernation Trance
          – makes the Jedi look dead. However, the user is channeling the Force powers to make the body only need a tenth of the oxygen they would normally need.
        • Art of Movement
          – Physical training in an obstacle course setting that prepares trainees to use their Force powers in combination with agility.
        • Force Healing
          – Accelerate physical body heal time.
        • Morichro
          – Ability to shut down body functions for a year, or even longer.
    • Altus Sopor – Training on increasing focus and connection to the Force.
      • Center of Being
        – A meditative stance, used with a lightsaber, used to connect deeply with the Force and even protect Jedi from attacks unconsciously.
      • Force Ghost
        – After death, a Jedi Knight’s soul can return and exist enough to communicate with others.
      • Force Stealth
        – Become so united with the Force that user becomes invisible.
      • Alchaka
        – The art of moving meditation.


  • Sense – The Force powers that take place in the mind. Jedi “Magic.”
    • Tactus Otium – Sense links in the galaxy amongst living things.
      • Force Sense
        Jedi can feel others emotions, other’s trauma, impending danger, and the Dark Side.
      • Force Smell
        – Smell things that existed at any time in an area.
      • Force Sight
        – Seeing by using the Force. Counter blinding attacks.
      • Force Vision
        – See into the future.
    • Psychometry – Ability to physically touch an object and “see” details about its surrounds, etc.
    • Telepathy – Mental Communication
      • Force Meld
        – Allows Jedi Knights to tap into the Force and feed off of each other’s energy in battle.
      • Comprehend Speech
        – Ability to understand any language.
  • Alter – Modify objects, environment, and energy. Alter is often discovered naturally and can be dangerous when used before training is complete.
    • Telekinesis – Influence objects, air, gravity, pressure, and friction through the Force.
      • Force Whirlwind
        – Swirl the air around an opponent to the point where their body lifts and they spin around so quickly that they fall and find themselves too dizzy to fight back.
      • Force Push/Pull
        – Push or pull objects around them.
      • Animal Friendship
        – Befriend or use any animal.
      • Alter Image
        – Change their own image/physical characteristics to fool others.
      • Force Travel
      • – Manipulate space to travel anywhere quickly.
      • Force Weapon
        – Take a simple looking weapon and channel the Force powers into it, giving it greater power than expected.
      • Revitalize
        – Heal wounded, exhausted, or unconscious allies and other beings in the environment.
      • Levitation
        – Use opposition of gravity to suspend themselves into the air.
      • Plant Surget Surge
        – ‘Miracle Grow’ from a Jedi’s mind for accelerated development of plants.
    • Affect Mind – Mind Tricks Jedi Knights can use against those who stand in their way.
      • Force Illusion
        – Place any image, manipulated by the user, in anyone else’s mind.
      • Sever Force
        – Cut off the Force connection from a member of the Dark Side.
      • Mind Tricks
        Force powers that can control the thoughts, feelings and actions of someone to gain an advantage over them.
    • Alter Environment – Alter temperatures, existing weather conditions, or existing electrical charges. A Jedi can use less of their own energy when combined with Altered environmental conditions.
      • Force Wave
        – Use Force powers and energy to generate a power blast that can knock anything over.
      • Force Lightning
        – Spew lightning bolts from the fingertips.
      • Combustion
        – Use the force powers in their minds to make any object explode.
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