John C. Wright Interview

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John C. Wright Interview
Author Of The Golden Age Series, War of the Dreaming Series, Chronicles of Chaos Series & Count to the Eschaton Sequence
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JMW: Hello, this is Jean Marie Ward for With me today is award winning author, John C. Wright, creator of three critically acclaimed series, “The Golden Age,” “The War of the Dreaming,” and “The Chronicles of Chaos.” Welcome, John.

John C. Wright: Welcome.

JMW: All your novels, science fiction as well as fantasy luxuriate in dense multi-layered allusions to world mythology, especially classical mythology. What inspired you to marry mythology to science fiction?

John C. Wright : Two things, one is that my educational background, I’m very familiar with and filled with great admiration for all the classical poets, Hesiod, Homer, and Virgil. I always thought that they had a tremendous both poetical and philosophical impact. The second was that science fiction strikes me as being the mythology of the modern age. So what is more natural than to marry mythology to mythology?

Science fiction has many of the same tropes and interests that a classical myth has. But it takes place in a technological background. So the idea of having the far future, which was my first book – “The Golden Age” is about the far future – have some of the same flavor and atmosphere as the far past would give the readers an easy way to get a sense of the immensities of time.

If there are classical allusions then it would also give them a sense of sort of the ancients projected into the future. It could be familiar at the same time as being unfamiliar, which is kind of what science fiction is all about, marrying the familiar with the unfamiliar.

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