Joshua Palmatier, aka Benjamin Tate – Author Interview

Joshua Palmatier aka Benjamin Tate Interview

sci-fi fantasy author interview

Author Of “The Cracked Throne”, “The Vacant Throne”, “Leaves Of Flame” & “Well Of Sorrows”
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JMW: Hello. This is Jean Marie Ward for With me today is Joshua Palmatier, who also writes as Benjamin Tate and both of them write epic fantasy. Okay, Joshua, how do you tell yourself apart?

Joshua Palmatier: Well, I would say that the difference between the two is that the Joshua Palmatier books are very focused on one main character, so it’s written first person. It’s all about the main character, Varis, how she’s growing up in the slums and what not. So, it’s a very, very focused and limited point of view in that respect.

The Benjamin Tate books are very much more multiple points of views, very epic in nature. They’re like twice as long. Both of them, though, are dark fantasies, so if you like the dark fantasies, you can check both of them out.

JMW: Okay. Usually when you write under a pseudonym, you have to change worlds. I understand that both the “Throne of Amenkor” series and the “Well of Sorrows” series are set in different parts of the same world. How did you manage that?

Joshua Palmatier: Well, basically, I didn’t manage it per se. I wrote the Benjamin Tate books with the idea of using the Joshua Palmatier name. Then it was the publisher that came up with the idea of using the pseudonym when they came out, and basically it was a marketing ploy. They were trying to expand the audience that I already had for the Joshua Palmatier books by hopefully using the Ben Tate names to draw in additional readers.

JMW: Varis, the protagonist, as you mentioned, is a young woman, the protagonist of the “Throne of Amenkor” series. However, Colin Harten, the protagonist – or at least the apparent protagonist – of the “Well of Sorrows” is a young man. Which point of view do you prefer, and which presented the greater challenge and why?

Joshua Palmatier: Ooh. I would have to say, well, I get a lot of comments from people that say that I wrote from the woman’s perspective in the “Throne of Amenkor” series very, very well. They were surprised it was an actual male author that was writing that.

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