La Llorona (The Weeping Woman) – Who Is She?

Dear Sara,

Who is La Llorona?

Yours Truly,
Samantha K.

Dear Samantha,

La Llorona is the Mexican/South American variant on the Greek Medea story, about a woman who kills her children. Medea killed her children out of vengeance against her husband, but La Llorona (the term means “the weeping woman) stabs then drowns her offspring in order to be accepted by a new lover. When he rejects her and she continues to pursue him, he kills her and throws her body into a lake. At the gates of Heaven, she is asked about the whereabouts of her children. Unable to produce them, La Llorona is forced to haunt the Earth, forever seeking them. She is believed to kidnap children who are outside on their own and/or who disobey their parents.

-Sara Bellum

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