mmmmm… Jensen Ackles

mmmmm… Jensen Ackles
Dean Winchester from Supernatural

Normally, I am not a fan girl, stalking my favorite hottie-de jour via the internet and Google Alerts so that at any given moment I know exactly where in the world my beloved is. Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Supernatural, CW Well, not since James Marsters was Spike and Buffy The Vampire Slayer was still on the air.

But I have a confession to make. Jensen Ackles, he’s dreamy.

There, I said it. I know he’s half my age and a quarter of my weight but ever since the first episode of SupernaturalJensen Ackles, Supernatural, Dean Winchester hit the air, he’s been on my mind. I know that in reality I am a chick happily married to a super fantastic guy, but I get school girl giggly when I see a picture of him. Even writing this I am grinning ear to ear.

What is it about that boy? There is something about him, something special. Something that compels me to read (gasp) fanfic! (Hurt/Comfort and darkfic). Back in the day when Buffy was still on air, I was totally ga-ga for Spike, embarrassingly so. I had sound bites of some of his classic one liners on my computer and his picture as my desktop wallpaper. I even had the highly inappropriate Spike and Vamped-out Spike Christmas ornaments on my desk so that they could be seen all the time. Something about a vampire as a Christmas ornament just seems so wrong. But to be totally fair and completely honest, it was not James Marsters who I was crushing on. Don’t get me wrong, James is a wonderful person, I met him and he is sweeter than sweet, he’s a gentleman. But James is not Spike. Spike is a bad boy, a vampire, a rebel, a punk rocker that appealed to my latent Billy Idol crush I had back in high school, back when dinosaurs and Betamax tapes ruled the Earth.

Then along came Supernatural.Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Supernatural Jensen and Jared aside, what was not to love about this show? Hot guys, muscle cars, paranormal stuff, guns. It premiered on my birthday and had me from the get go. I watch the show and consider myself a fan. Do I know every little detail and trick of the show? No, I do not, but I love hearing about all the little inside things from folks who do. I lurk at Winchester fan sites.

Girls are funny. We like to sort and pick. As is the custom when presented with two hot guys, two camps for girls are quickly erected-Camp Dean and Camp Sam. I reside in Camp Dean. Dean is the older brother, intense and committed to the cause. He may or may not want the life he has but knows that this is the hand he was dealt and like a man, he’s playing it. He’s protective of his younger brother and runs the credit card scam that keeps the third Winchester brother, Metalicar-Dean’s ’67 Chevy Impala, in gas. Dean is a protector and a provider and what girl doesn’t want that? Sam has his points too, but this is not about him.

Funny thing happened. When I write, I like to have some noise in the background so I have something I can block out while I work, which in theory allows me to concentrate better. (hahahah!)Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Supernatural on the CW
It was in the wee small hours of the morning and I had the TV set on BEYOND. It is one of the cable channels my mom gets at her house on her expanded tier. BEYOND is like Chill, but BEYOND has horror movies on it that were made within the last five years staring actors that I’ve heard of. A movie called DeVourJensen Ackles, Supernatural, Dean Winchester came on. Normally I would not have given it too much attention cause after all it was on so that I could block it out because I was writing against a deadline (have to get the next book out don’t ya know). In a moment of weakness I peaked up and saw “Dean”. I stopped what I was doing and gave the movie a watch. Although Devour was not all that close to the plot description listed at IMDB, I enjoyed the movie. And not because “Dean” was in the movie, but because “Jake” was a neat character in a decent movie and the story compelled me to watch the flick.

And that’s when it hit me- Jensen Ackles, not Dean Winchester, is a hottie.

Well, maybe it’s not so much a revolution for you as it was for me. In the past I had always had a thing for the character, never the actor. Hugh Laurie, whatever. Greg House, very sexy. Matt Damon, I don’t see it. Jason Bourn, very sexy. I’m weird, I know. Now you know and knowing is half the battle.

And since we’re on the topic, and you never know who reads these things, I would like to say that Jensen Ackles would have been a good Duke for the G.I Joe movie too, but my husband said not only has it been cast but filmed and coming out later this summer. Jensen would have been a great Duke. I’m sure whoever they got, this Channing Flater guy will be OK. I don’t get Marlin Wayens as Ripcord, but it’s not my movie. I heard they got some blonde to play the Baroness, and HOPEFULLY they’ll make her dye her hair black and wear glasses. They do realize that Scarlet is a red head, ergo the call sign scarlet? George Lucas has already ruined Star Wars, I’d really like to keep GI Joe intact for a little while longer.

In my humble opinion, Jensen Ackles would be a great Captain America, he’ got the build, the intensity and would be very believable in the role. Since that movie is not set to be out till 2012, maybe there is still time to get him on board. No doubt because Hollywood is all about the sizzle and not about the steak, they’ll cast a far less appropriate but better know name for the role. “Will Smith as Captain America,” or more likely to sooth the sensitive nature of our more PC folk “Will Smith as Team Leader United Global Alliance Guy.”

Who I would personally love, love, love to see Jensen play on the silver screen is the role of my all time favorite video game character-Leon Scott Kennedy. Leon is who I have set on my lap top as wall paper now. Mmmmm, Leon and Dean. There’s gotta be some fan fic to that regard out there.

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