Moon Called by Patricia Briggs – Book Review

Moon Called (Mercy Thompson, Book 1)
Written by: Patricia Briggs
Published by: Ace
ISBN: 978-0441013814


Walk down the aisles devoted to Sci-Fi & Fantasy in any bookstore or library these days and you will find yourself deluged with paranormal, supernatural, and urban fantasy fiction. With all that output there are a half dozen or so authors that float like cream to the top. Patricia Briggs is one of those.

Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

Moon Called
by Patricia Briggs

Moon Called is the first book in Patricia Brigg’s Mercy Thompson series. First and foremost this is a tale of a young woman on her own. Tattooed and pierced she projects an air of confidence and fierce independence. She owns her own garage and makes her living as a car mechanic. Not just any cars mind you, she works primarily on Volkswagens which offers the reader the first bit of ironic humor as her given name is Mercedes although she goes by Mercy with everyone but the IRS and the DMV. She has a very unique heritage. After all there are many people who can claim to have some Native American blood running through their DNA but not many that are by heredity Skinwalkers or as European Americans call them, Shapeshifters. When Mercy shifts she turns into a werecoyote. Werecoyotes are small when compared to werewolves but fast, agile, cunning. Some might even say tricky. There are other more aggressive supernatural beings in Mercy’s corner of the state of Washington. Within this Tri-City metro area there is a werewolf pack which she is not part of but with whom she has a loose sort of alliance, nearby is a relatively friendly vampire by the name of Stefan who is also a customer of her garage & a snobby Russian witch. Balancing business and what passes for her personal life would be enough of a trick at the best of times.

When a very young newly made werewolf shows up looking for work at her place followed by a dead body dumped on her doorstep, topped with the disappearance of a teenage girl, she is pressed into service to help unravel the mystery of what is going on and who is responsible. Mercy’s life becomes more complicated and far more dangerous. Pack politics filled with jockeying for dominance and rank and the concerns on the part of werewolves and vampires about being outed to the world at large provide much of the framework within which she must do her work.

It is good to see that Ms. Briggs makes sure Mercy retains her sense of humor even when things get rough. Here is a snippet of dialogue that should give you a clue to some of what you can expect when Mercy Thompson is on the scene.

“How did you break your arm, Mercy?” he asked.

“A werewolf tossed me against a giant packing crate while I was trying to rescue a frightened young girl who’d been kidnapped by an evil witch and a drug lord.” (excerpt from Moon Called by Patricia Briggs)

This is Urban fantasy that is enjoyable today and will hold up over time.

By June Williams

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Moon Called Book Cover Moon Called
Mercy Thompson
Patricia Briggs
Urban Fantasy

While trying to live a so-called normal existence, mechanic Mercy Thompson, a shapeshifter raised by werewolves, gets into trouble with the gremlins, witches, and vampires with whom she deals on a daily basis.

Mercy’s two worlds are colliding. A half-starved teenage boy arrives at her shop looking for work, only to reveal that he’s a newly changed werewolf—on the run and desperately trying to control his animal instincts. Mercy asks her neighbor Adam Hauptman, the Alpha of the local werewolf pack, for assistance.

Mercy’s act of kindness has unexpected consequences that leave her no choice but to seek help from those she once considered family—the werewolves who abandoned her...

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June Williams
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Always a Science Fiction fan and dabbler in writing she had thought herself too practical to pursue a career in the field. Before coming to Buzzy she spent over 30 years in the travel industry, then one day decided it was time to spread her wings and plunge into publishing. Everyone she knew thought she had gone slightly daft but as this was not the first time they had expressed that opinion she took the red pill anyway and now spends all of her time putting together projects that make each day a pleasure.