Myke Cole Interview – Author Of Shadow Ops: Control Point


Myke Cole, wizard story

Myke Cole Interview
Author Of Shadow Ops: Control Point
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JMW: Oscar starts Control Point, the first book of the series. As an army officer who is totally vibes in to the company line. But that soon changes. How much of that is total fiction and how much of it reflects your own experience in the military.

Myke Cole: That’s a heck of a question to lead of with. I would say that the military is a large bureaucracy. And I think one of the things I wanted to explore through Control Point, was a phenomenon of large bureaucracies having to deal with society threatening existential changes through the lens of a single person. The fact is, if you’re going to move hundreds of millions of dollars of equipment, hundreds of thousands of people all in the same direction, you really can’t adjust for personal idiosyncrasies and individual quirks. So sometimes, people get steamrolled. And, sometimes, those are good people. And sometimes, those people have to make hard choices between the mission and what they feel is right. I have certainly seen that in the real world, and it was something I wanted to explore through fantasy.

JMW: One of the things I like about the book was, having worked in DOD, it doesn’t matter what you are dealing with, there’s a regulation for that.

Myke Cole: Absolutely. And that is the thing, those regulations deal poorly with, you know, the gray areas in life, which there are always are. And those gray areas, especially dealing with something incredibly dangerous against which individual rights have to be balanced, that creates a really cool mix of a story. That is something I wanted to explore.

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