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The Other Side of East – Beware of Remakes

Japanese live-action remakes remain just as low budget as the originals (if not more so) and target the original audiences. Whether or not they do so successfully is an open question.
Ming-Na Wen-Melinda-agents-shield

Ming-Na Wen On Marvel’s Agents Of Shield – Exclusive Interview

The actors aren’t allowed to spoil anything that’s coming up, but Ming-Na Wen is perfectly happy to talk about everything that’s happened so far with her character, the steely Melinda May.
Fantasy Book Writing

The Top 10 Best Closing Lines in Fantasy

The last line of a book is the final thought a work leaves us with, and often provides even more clues about an author’s themes or a story’s impact. Here are just a few of the closing lines that impressed us.
Matthew Lewis Interview - Girlfriends

Matthew Lewis on “Girlfriends” – Exclusive Interview

Matthew Lewis on “Girlfriends” Exclusive Interview By Abbie Bernstein When actor Matthew Lewis was six years old in 1995, he had his first film role in SOME KIND OF LIFE, written by Kay Mellor. More recently, Lewis was a series regular
doctor-who- Krikkitmen douglas-adams

Doctor Who and the Krikkitmen by Douglas Adams & James Goss – Book Review

Doctor Who and the Krikkitmen opens at Lords Cricket Ground, the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith baring witness to a group of androids in cricket whites (who materialise in a pavilion) violently stealing the Ashes.