Patricia Briggs Audio Book Release – Dragon Blood – Narrated by Joe Manganiello

Patricia Briggs Audio Book Release:

Buzzy Multimedia is pleased to announce the release of their unabridged audio book of “Dragon Blood,” the second book in the Hurog Duology, written by best-selling fantasy author Patricia Briggs and performed by Joe Manganiello. Listeners will find “Dragon Blood” to be fast paced, clever and engaging.

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The dark fantasy Dragon Blood is set in a world of sword and sorcery yet living is just as complex and dangerous there as it is here. Wardwick of Hurog wants nothing more than to rebuild his Keep, protect his people, and ride his horse through the mountains of his homeland.

Unfortunately for him, intrigue, deceit and politics are thrusting him back into a battle not of his choosing. His large frame and slow speech can give him the appearance of a fool. Helpful when those in power believe he can be easily manipulated.

While his strength in battle is formidable, that is not enough to win the day. Ward must employ strategy and the aid of those both nearest and dearest to save the world of humans from the mad plans of the High King. Failure this time could release an evil that nearly wiped humanity of the planet once before.

Patricia Briggs, New York Times best-selling author, has written twenty novels that range from Urban Fantasy (Mercy Thompson) to Paranormal Romance (Alpha and Omega). Her fascination with otherworldly creatures and imaginary lands began in childhood and fortunately for the rest of us has continued to this day.

Joe Manganiello trained as an actor at Carnegie Mellon. He has acted on stage, screen and television. Best known for his roles on One Tree Hill and True Blood, he continues to challenge himself taking on both writing and producing

Total running time on the Dragon Blood audiobook is 9.5 hours.
The CD edition is available for purchase at It is also available for download at

Dragon Blood Audiobook Book Cover Dragon Blood Audiobook
Patricia Briggs
Buzzy Multimedia Publishing

Dragon Blood Audio Book . Written By Patricia Briggs. Read By Joe Manganiello (Alcide -Herveux in HBOs True Blood)

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