Pirate T-Shirt and Cat T-Shirt – New Arrivals from Buzzy Multimedia


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Every normal man must be tempted at times
to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats.
pirate shirts

Obey Me…You’ll Be Happier

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Joy Poger
Buzzy Lady #1 Joy Poger is the CEO & Co-Founder of Buzzy Multimedia Publishing. Please note than the last name is P-O-G-E-R not R-O-G-E-R although if you are Dreamworks or an exceptionally interesting individual I am sure she would let that sort of mistake slide. As much a Queens girl as Geraldine Ferraro or Nancy Reagan she is also an alumni of the same school that gave us such diverse people as Captain Kangaroo (Bob Keeshan), Jerry Springer, Simon & Garfunkel, Stan Lee and The Ramones…all of them. Leaving tenured teaching positions behind where she was adored and underpaid as all teachers are she decided to get in touch with her inner geek, throw all caution to the wind and founded Buzzy Multimedia Publishing. Anyone who can turn 30 undisciplined American kids into a functioning working unit with a look and a single line can handle the toughest of business situations.
  • Laura G

    The new tees are great. My baby brother would totally rock the pirate tee. My baby sister has two cats and I know can relate to the kitty one.

  • CarolM

    I love the cat T shirt, I’ll see if I can afford it the next time I order anything.

  • Margaret Remus

    That is one imperious kitty. Definately rules the roost.

  • Maarten

    Hi All,

    any possibility on a Dog version of the Cat T?
    I just received the Latin Hold-up Tee.
    It’s a Hit.

    M.B. from italy