Sookie Stackhouse’s Squad of Suitors in HBO’s True Blood

Sookie Stackhouse’s Squad of Suitors:
HBO’s True Blood & the Southern Vampire Book Series
by June Willimas

Whether you are a fan of “The Southern Vampire” series by author Charlaine Harris, or a newly turned devotee that came into the fold with the start of the True Blood television series one thing should be clear to you, true blood, hbo, vampire, sookie stackhouse Sookie Stackhouse can now choose from a smorgasbord of attractive males. I’ll admit that I’ve read all the books in the series and I have my favorite but for the sake of fairness, at least in this post there will be an objective assessment of all five males.

Bill Compton:

Vampire- He was turned at the end of the Civil War and retains much of the outlook of a southern gentleman of that age. As he was not a willing recruit into the children of the night, he suffered terribly from the loss of a life he might have lived with his wife and children. Bill Compton, True Blood, Vampire His life was stolen from him.

His occupation other than being a vampire is unclear. He does work for the vampire hierarchy and he does seem to have a bit of money. He even had enough cash to fix up the home of his descendants who were still living in Bon Temps. Insofar as such a being can love, he loves Sookie, but his position in the vampire community often puts her in danger AND those gentile southern manners sometimes can get on her nerves. Are her feelings for Bill true love or just so strong because he is the first male she has ever been close to who doesn’t flood her mind with unwanted thoughts? Sookie being a telepath and Bill being dead really did form the basis of their relationship at the beginning.

They can never have children. Well, what they can never do is procreate together. They can’t even have a morning breakfast together in a sunlit kitchen. He has hidden the truth from her on more than one occasion. Worst of all he has betrayed her. He has also stayed in the shadows when she wanted nothing more to do with him just so he could watch over and protect her.

Sam Merlotte:

Shape shifter -When Sam shifts it is mostly into a Collie. Who doesn’t like to have a Collie at their side? He doesn’t run with a pack, doesn’t ever hunt humans, and has never been known to bring in fleas. He is a shifter by way of genetics and he can no more turn a human into a shifter than he can move Merlotte’s onto the Vegas strip. Does Sam have trouble fitting in to society? Yes. Those problems are in part the result of having to keep his shapeshifting nature to himself and partly because he has no family, no pack, to belong to. Unresolved family issues as we all know can keep you pretty isolated without having any supernatural element.

Weres and shifters and many other supernatural creatures have chosen to keep their natures to themselves. Unlike the vampires they can’t point to some scientific breakthrough like True Blood to make them more acceptable to the public at large. shapeshifter, vampire, supernatural In the world inhabited by Sookie & Company they are not likely to share their secrets with humanity any time soon.

As an innkeeper Sam is a congenial host. If he is a little hard on the staff can you really blame him? He has wild and wacky workers. His cook LaFayette Reynolds, cooks up a storm, has a kind heart which he tries to hide, is funny as hell and gets himself into a world of trouble. When LaFayette disappears Sam has to hire another cook. This new guy suffers from post traumatic stress disorder and gets rattled easily. As to the wait staff, Sam has to deal with Dawn Green barmaid/waitress who is also a fangbanger (a human who has sex with vampires for thrills) and Arlene Fowler, a woman who keeps falling for the wrong kind of men and has managed to marry most of them. Arlene has 2 kids and has to change her work schedule more frequently than a newborn’s diapers. Sam has also employed Maudette Pickens and Amy Burley as well as Sookie herself and each and every one has brought him trouble. As a businessman Sam has not been able to make a whole lot of money and I don’t believe it is because Merlotte’s is located in a little town like Bon Temps. It is more because he mixes business with personal stuff…not necessarily pleasure.

Sam is a loyal and loving friend. Sookie can talk to him about absolutely anything and he will really listen and not be judgmental. She can trust him with her life. He doesn’t have a whole lot of patience and self control and has found himself in bed w-a-y too fast with the result of having a whole lot of regrets. I think he loves Sookie in a way that would not disappoint either of them but it doesn’t look like he will ever have a shot at proving that to her.

Alcide Herveaux:

Alcide Herveaux True Blood Review, Alcide Herveaux, joe magliano

Alcide is a powerful werewolf. A definite Alpha and no loner. Not that he is without baggage. His ex-girlfriend, Debbie Pelt is as dangerous as they come and not ready to relinquish her hold on him. Plus he is old fashioned in many ways that makes Sookie uncomfortable. In addition to being protective and gentlemanly, he is also hubba-hubba sexy. Before they can really bond both a pack war and a new girlfriend shatter their possible love life….for now, but things can change in the world of fiction even faster than real life. After all he eventually did gain a position of power that might make things possible if Sookie can forgive him.

He is contractor and owner along with his father of a very successful construction firm. It is kind of nice that he has more than a few coins to rub together. He does not have to live on the fringe of society despite that the weres have not decided to make their existence known to the non-supernatural world. Sookie likes being treated as a rare jewel…sometimes, and Alcide has a flair for making her feel special in a good way. PLUS, they can enjoy sunlit afternoons together. Did I mention the chemistry between them is off the charts?

Eric Northman:

Eric is not just a vampire; he is Sheriff of area 5-that means he is responsible for the vampires in that region. He also owns Fangtasia, a club for vampires and their admirers. Born a thousand years or so ago as a Viking, he is more in tune with modern society than Bill Compton who was born 900 years later. Eric Northman, Vampire, True Blood Apparently Viking society treated women as more like equals than Americans in mid 19th century Louisiana.

Eric is an excellent businessman and is accomplished in the art of vampire politics. He does not hate himself for being a vampire the way Bill does. He knows he is on the top of the food chain and doesn’t regret it. Can he be brutal? Sure, but he isn’t a sadist and is part of the group that agreed with the notion that vampires should “come out” when True Blood became available. Unlike Bill, Eric has been honest with Sookie most of the time. He has a sense of humor that Bill is missing. He trusts her, which none of the other males in her life seem to do consistently. I’m pretty sure he didn’t even realize he had fallen for her for quite awhile. Not that he wasn’t trying to get her into bed for blood and sex from the beginning, but it is pretty obvious that it has gone way past that. Can they ever get together on a permanent basis? Unlikely, but only Charlaine Harris knows for sure. Oh, and if Alcide and Bill are physically attractive Eric is not only more so but in addition is like the Grucci fireworks of sex.

John Quinn:

John Quinn has a lot going for him. A well built, olive toned, 6 foot 5 inch hunk of masculine beauty, he exudes a quiet confidence. As large as he is he moves with gentle grace. In some ways, even as a human, he can remind you of the majestic Aslan of Narnia. Quinn is hairless, even his head is bald although that is because he shaves it. Most striking are his deep purple eyes that can make Sookie or just about any female on the planet melt. One can sense a maturity about him. He posse’s wisdom mixed with compassion which tempers but doesn’t override his firm sense of right and wrong. In addition to that propensity for justice and mercy is his capacity for selfless giving. John Quinn comes into Sookie’s life as a result of his work in settling a werewolf “pack” dispute in his capacity as referee. Oh did I mention he is a weretiger? The chemistry between him and Sookie was remarkable. Unfortunately he carries with him more baggage than Bill, Alcide, Sam and Eric combined. Frannie, his half sister and most of all his crazy whackadoodle mother have an inordinate hold on John’s time and attention and that does not seem like it will ever change. None of it was of his making but because of his family history and his sense of duty, Sookie feels like she is third on his list and she won’t settle for being less than first.

by June Willimas

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  • Lomax Lamat

    This was a super well written article. I sit and don’t talk while the wife watches the show. I had never considered the dynamics of Sookie’s relationships before because the tv show has not presented Eric as a potential love interest or even introduced the other guy yet. Maybe I would enjoy the books better.

  • Roger Haasman

    I hadn’t read the books yet so this gives me a little more insight to what is up with Sookie. This Alcide guy seems like he might have been normal enough to get Sookie’s grandmother’s approval.

  • Emma Wilksboro

    Seems like Bill might have been the first but he sure isn’t the best for our girl. Pity Sookie can’t find a way of turning off her telepathy altogether so she could find a nice human guy to be with. Does anyone think there is more to the death of Sookie’s parents than meets the eye?

  • CAEdge

    After getting into True Blood I WAS going to read the books… But after reading bits like this, I seriously doubt I will like them. I LOVE the romance and chemistry between Sookie and Bill in True Blood. I’ve bonded to the characters and their relationship. I WANT them to be together. It makes me sick to see two people who love each other split up because of stupid misunderstandings. It make me sick to see them turn to others… Love triangles SUCK. But quadrangles?! Double UGG! 🙁

  • June K. Williams

    I’m sorry if I gave the impression that the books were all about love triangles or quadrangles. They explore Sookie’s emotional life as well as the cases that she becomes embroiled in often without wanting to do so.

    I don’t know about you but for most of us we don’t meet are forever love the first time out of the gate. Most people have to date a few different people before they find Mr or Ms Right. In an earlier age that did not mean having sexual relations but whether courting involves hand holding, exchange of passionate poetry,light petting or actual sexual intercourse it is always a matter of exploration and learning about the compatibility of two people.

    As to misunderstandings, what caused the initial break between Sookie and Bill was not a misunderstanding, it was his betrayal. I guess you could say Sookie doesn’t understand the hold a vampire’s maker has over their childe but that is hardly her fault. Why didn’t Bill explain things to her? Because he wanted to “shield” her? Not exactly. He was sent to seduce her and while he may have ended up coming to genuinely care for her, he has never been open and honest. Eric is no great one for being open about things either but in many ways he is more forthright about his motives. There is one point in the books where Eric is suffering from amnesia and Sookie is hiding him at her house for his safety. He is so different, open, carefree, loving and almost childlike that Sookie cares for him but let’s face it, the amnesia Eric is not the real Eric either although there is something within him that harbors that more innocent man. Sam is Sookie’s friend. He has always been her friend. He is also attracted to her and I guess that isn’t so unnatural. I’ll bet Xander was attracted to Buffy but he never forced the issue. Alcide…well he is a grown up and fairly well adjusted but he has seious family issues. I think he would have been the best of all the supernaturals guys for her but it just wasn’t going to be possible.

    In closing, I didn’t mean to make it seem like the books were all about bed hopping. There is far more sex in the television series than the book series and that is to say more than some people can feel comfortable about. Beyond all the making of whoopie there are also a lot of interesting stories to be told and a lot of character growth to unfold. Hope you give the books a chance sometime.

  • Anndee

    I’m starting the 3rd book now, but overall, from what I know, Sam seems to be the only guy that loves Sookie for who she is and doesn’t want to change her, and forgives her her faults. He is also the one best suited to give her a semblance of a normal life.

    I will admit, Eric is funnier than hell.

  • June – I disagree with you

    “As to misunderstandings, what caused the initial break between Sookie and Bill was not a misunderstanding, it was his betrayal.”

    In both the book and the TV show Bill was forced and unable to get away. He was unable to help Sookie and was forced to obey his creator.

  • June K. Williams

    Ahh, but the betrayal was not his being forced into staying away but rather his witholding of the what had happened and more importantly that he had been sent by Queen Sophie Ann to seduce Sookie in order to add her to the Queens retainers. Sookie does not want to feel like she is a pawn on a chessboard or even worse, a pass-around commodity.

  • Ron

    Whatever you all say I still think its gonna be Eric..Remember the witch cast a spell on him which was that he would be near d thing closest to his heart and not knw what it is..yeah exactly..He goes straight to Sookie..Also I think d poor guy has spent almost an eternity alone..And as for Bill,even if he is my favorite I dnt think he did justice to Sookie..besides Sookie goes to save ERic first when the hotel is about to blow up..But den agn I dnt knw what d author has planned.All I knw is that 2010 seems like ages frm now and wd 2 more books looks like all of u will have a long wait to find out which Deadman wins..Maybe we shd start a petition tellin her to finsih d books fast..I m dying here

  • Anita

    I haven’t read the books yet, but intend to…just from the show though, I’m rooting for Eric at this point. I agree with JK, there are MANY things that Bill should have told Sookie but withheld from her…that is a HUGE betrayal. He had choices from the beginning and each time so far has chose to withhold information that Sookie should have known. You know…”Dating a Vampire 101″…would have been nice place to start LOL.

    #1 Can’t go on day-dates.
    #2 Has no choice but to obey his/her maker due to the blood bond.
    #3 Do not take another vampires blood under any circumstances or they will have a bond with you.
    #4 Must appease the Sherrif and elders of his area

    and so on….

    The first one is the only one Sookie knew about up-front because it’s an assumption people make about vampires from the get-go. The rest (as well as many other things) she learns about after the fact.

  • Anita

    Oh, I also think (without having read any of the books yet) that Sookie (being a smart cookie) is going to put together what Bill said about her having a sexual attraction to Eric after taking his blood…with how she feels about Bill as well. She very well may feel manipulated into the relationship she is in with him.

  • June K. Williams

    Dating a vampire 101 would have been nice but all things considered shouldn’t Sookie have done a little research before engaging in sex with Bill and with allowing him to bite her the first time? In Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan book series the heroine has a book with EXACTLY that kind of information and even she has gotten in way over her head.

    It is very hard to reply to you Anita without being overly spoilerish about stuff in the books. OTOH, Alan Ball has shown ( at least to me ) that he is using the books as a source but not being slavish in following everything that Charlaine Harris is doing with the characters. The books are more romantic, the television series much more gritty and I am delighted with that. In TV things seem to be sped up yet at the same time some things are drawn out. One thing I would like to see in True Blood is more of Sookie using her head as much as her heart. She has already questioned Bill somewhat but her feelings have clouded her judgment. When she finds out the extent of his betrayal it is inevitable that she will reevaluate her relationship big time.

    Keep in mind that at this point in the True Blood time-line Sookie doesn’t know nearly enough about herself and her own heredity to understand fully what is happening

  • Mike Kaiser

    Sookie doesn’t want to be in the middle of vampire and werewolf infighting. I think it is time for her to be scouring the country for another telepath that she could hook up with and back away from all of her “suitors”.

  • Susan

    I liked Bill a whole lot better in the books, even if he was a lying hound. He was an interesting character, at least while he was involved with Sookie, then he became irrelevant. Bill started out well in Season 1, but now he is just annoying. I don’t know if it is the actor or the way the character has been written, but he makes me wince.

    Eric is GREAT in the books, and he is really good in the show. He would be better if they let him show that sense of humor more often. I think the show is developing Eric; he’s a bit of a hardass in the show who doesn’t like showing his more vulnerable side because he would like to think it doesn’t exist. He is great with Pam in the show. I also loved the Godric storyline and that made Eric’s character more well-developed. From what I can tell from the show, Bill is in sunset and Eric is the sunrise.

    I couldn’t stand Quinn in the book. Boring. Alcide was cool, and I wish more had happened there. Sam is great in the books and the show; they got his character down pat.

    Sam is the kind of guy she should marry; Bill is a good introduction to romance guy and Eric is the WOW relationship. But I don’t think Sam stands a chance in the show or the books.

  • Taylor

    I first started watching the show and became infatuated with it. Since then, I have read all the books and love those even more than the show.

    It’s hard to say who Sookie will end up with, but I hope it will be Eric. I’ve always felt that they were on the same level. Sookie is learning to deal with the supernatural element of her life and similarly, Eric is learing to deal with the humanistic elements that he thought were lost to his. They’re both learning to connect with the complexities of their lives, and I feel that they’ll be able to meet each other half way. I guess you could say they complete each other. I also believe that Eric has the “ability” to be selfless, something that definitely contrasts from his character (but contrasts in a good and deep way) and would bring his character full circle. I feel like they can bring the best out of each other.

    Bill loves Sookie, but I’m not sure he really knows what that love is or what that love means. I also feel like he’s too intrigued by gaining a political standing for himself. However, it’s different from Eric’s political desires. Eric desires political power for self preservation (he wants to protect his life and the lives of the people he cares deeply for), while Bill desires power for prominence among the vampire community (recognition and self gradification). So in a sense, I’ve always felt that Bill has never been ready for a pure and steady relationship.

    I love Sam, but I hope that he and Sookie remain just good friends. I feel like he loves her, but to a degree that’s so selfless that it wouldn’t be good for a relationship. He’s perfect for Sookie, but overly so. He’s the type of guy that would step back because he cares “too much” for Sookie’s wishes and feelings. He’s not the type to fight for her love if she’s not 100% in. He doesn’t really listen to what “he” wants, just what she wants. There needs to be a good mix of both partners’ desires.

    Alcide, hmmm… I loved him at fist, but grew to dislike aspects of his character as the story progressed. He’s that type of guy that seems great on the outside, but when you really get to know him, you start to see things you don’t really like. Sookie and Alcide were initially attracted to one another because they each represeented the ideal partner that they both desired and dreamed of being with. Alcide represented “normal” to Sookie, and Sookie represented “normal” to Alcide. But, the truth with these two is that they have never been on the same wave length. And as time has gone by, they continue to drift further and further appart.

    Quinn…well, I’ve always hated Quinn. I’m not sure why, but I really just can’t stand him at all. We all know this will “NEVER” work out, so there’s no point discussing it further.

    So basically…

    Eric: I want Sookie to end up with him. I feel like he has the most potential out of all the suitors to really care for Sookie and for her to care for him back equally.

    Bill: He was her first for many things, but this usually doesn’t (in real life) and shouldn’t mean they’ll end up together. Though, sadly things like this do happen often in fiction. I feel there is a possibility, but I hope that they just end on equal terms with each other. Not as friends neccessarily, but that they reach an understanding and a feeling of acception for one another.

    Sam: This too is definitely a possibility. Less likely (come on, the book started with vampires and is most likely going to end with vampires), but still a possibility. You never know.

    Alcide: I don’t see them getting together in the long run. They’re just too different and are at different points in their lives. They’ve never been on the same level, and most likely never will.

    Quinn: Yeah… no. It just won’t happen. Wayyyyy too much baggage that Sookie just doesn’t want to sift through. Besides, if they really had a shot, Sookie would have fought harder for their relationship, but she just never wanted to; not completely.

  • Chava R

    Here is another vote for Eric. He is the bad boy but deep down he is more. Sookie knows it and so do I. Still, can a vampire ever be a suitable mate for a non vampire? They have potential but unless she is turned it can only go so far and becoming a vampire would change the very thing in Sookie that Eric adores.

  • Red Herschel

    FYI,just read an interview with Alan Ball. Alcide will be showing up in True Blood but they haven’t cast him yet. Any ideas?

  • Edie

    Team Eric here. I like Alcide as he seems to be bordering on the ‘normal’ side. However there is something about Eric that just won’t let up. I think Sookie and Eric meant for each other. The way things progressed between them is endearing and hilarious enough. I hate Quinn.. i don’t know why he’s in the book seriously. Bill he’s just not my cup of tea, especially with the assault in the car and the ‘betrayal’. I wouldn’t forgive him for what he did even though he couldn’t help it. It’s just too much.

    But all i want to see is Sookie happy with somebody who’s just like her a (telepath/fairy). Write off a good closure between her and the other men in her life.

  • Salman

    I dont know about the books but Bill Compton and Sookie make a great couple and i can really feel the emotion..and all you Bill haters have forgotten that Bill stepped into broad daylight to save sookie and loves her the most…And please dont be so superficial and approve of eric just because hes hot and funny…the guy almost killed Lafaette and has always used sookie to get his work done…not to mention he tricked sookie into drinking his blood…please its all bout BILL and SOOKIE 🙂

  • Sarah

    Well… to be honest I’m bored of the whole Sookie/Bill thing. If the show stays true to the books at all, then Sookie is in for *SPOILERS BELOW*

    …betrayal of the worst kind, Bill being just so very not nice to her for a while, not to mention the whole forcing himself on her in the trunk of a car part, plus he cheats on her, I mentioned betrayal but can I just add that he lies to her over and over again.

    I hate how the show had shown Eric’s character, he’s a bastard in a way he wasn’t in the books, terrifying, yes. Manipulative, a bit. The one who ACTUALLY saved Sookie from Longshadow, hell yes. And in the books he never laid a finger on Layfayette.

    The point is I guess, that Bill is a lying jackass and in my opinion he can love her all he likes now, he didnt show her the love and respect she deserved when it mattered.

    Alcide was great at first but being a wet mop for his ex was just irritating, Sookie won’t end up with him.

    Sam, just no. He’s fantastic, and the best friend a girl like Sookie could ask for, but she’s not in love with him at all.

    Quinn, he just bugs me. He betrays her too, even if it was to look after his family, but that is just the kind of thing Sookie can’t live with. And who can blame her?

    Eric, he’s tricked her into drinking his blood,(as did Bill Compton all you Bill fans.) Except Eric didn’t arrange for her to be beat half to death by the very people she saved him from just so he could get his blood down her throat. (still feeling the warm fuzzies for the big “hero” Bill? Cause that’s exactly what HE did to her) Eric makes her laugh, she’s completely attracted to his physical beauty, they have serious chemistry, he came to her when he was cursed into being close to his hearts desire without ever knowing it, he saw she needed something at her home fixed and immediately sorted it, he took bullets for her more than once, he genuinely cares about her, and judging by the progress of the books, their relationship seems to have been the one that’s been simmering along and developing as the books go on, them getting closer etc.

    Lets not forget either that in a hotel that had Eric, Bill and Quinn in it and was about to explode, it was Eric who was first on her mind. She didn’t run off to find and save the detestable Bill, she rang Quinn but didn’t exactly pause to make sure he got out. She hot-footed it up to his room and risked her life to save him and Pam. He was her first thought. That says alot. Also in the latest book, while Sookie was being tortured, we find out later, it was Eric she was hoping and praying woulfd come for her. In her darkest most painful moment she wanted him. And I doubt that was simply because he was the oldest vampire she knew.

    End rant. (Sorry, I just despise Bill. Fiction or not, and vampire or not – he treated Sookie like utter filth he found on his shoe and no matter how much he whines now that will never change what he did to her.

  • Mandi

    i have read most of the books and anxious to see the shows. my thoughts on sookies many loves? i think sookie deserves better than any of them, besides sam. before i am murdered by bill erik ect lovers hear me out:
    bill never trusted sookie, and though he was her first love, he cheated on her and betrayed her.
    erik, though he did provide her with amazing love and compliments, lets not forget he was under a spell. he only cares for politics, which bores sookie.
    alcide never really got over debbie. sure she died, but then the whole politics thing happend and his dad died, and that was more than sookie could understand.
    quinn, i never got him. he puts family over sookie, which may be seen as couragous but thats not what she needs.
    sam has always been there for her, and loves her through it all. he doesnt push her though he wants her, and he is a shifter, so she can have children and marry him and jason, her brother, could have a shifter as company and family. sookie does love sam, the only thing stopping her is he is her boss. she cant read his mind too well so she wont need to worry about that. it is the most obvious (in my opinion) option for sookie’s future.
    i hope all goes well in her future, though she is fiction, i have grown attached, like many others.

  • Jess

    It would be nice if you wouldn’t try to be so one-sided. It’s obvious that your favorite is Eric.

  • Ciarra Q

    It may be hard but I believe people need to seperate the books from the show. The Eric of the books may never fully appear on the show. Alcide might be a blend of Alcide and Quinn for the show because how many shifter love interests does Sookie need on the show? It all depends on how Alan Ball sees things for the show.

  • B

    I haven’t read the books yet. Alcide is HOT, I just saw him on True Blood, my gosh, TAKE HIM SOOKIE!

  • Brooke

    I love Eric, book Eric, Show Eric… I hope they go with Eric because I know i would be pretty upset if she ends up with Bil, I can’t stand him!!

  • Magaret Relais

    So Brooke I take it you like Eric 🙂 Understandable. Don’t think she’l end up with Bill, Eric, Alcide or Sam. That doesn’t mean there won’t be some action. If they adhere even a little bit to the books there should be some serious Eric action next season AND a bit of Alcide (he runs hot) as well.

  • Furrbanger92

    Sookie’s a right slapper!

  • prettishi

    Sam gets my vote. He’s a good guy.

  • Karen Eames

    Can there be any doubt? Alcide has my vote.

  • rosannepm

    Eric the best looking

  • sstogner1

    If i had to pick for me, Alcide all the way! but for Sookie Sam is the best choice. He is loyal and kind.

  • Elizabeth Blough

    Why choose? Eric and Bill for the night. Alcide and Sam for the day.

  • Mark W

    Eric…they make the best couple.

  • Derek Diercksmeier


  • DividingByZero

    Quinn, because he’s awesome.

  • Michelle Tucker

    I think Sam, because for him, she doesn’t need to change to be with him.

  • Karrie Millheim

    Eric. I have always loved her with ERic best

  • Heidi Wiegel

    Eric is the best match 🙂