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JMW: With me is Susan Sizemore, the author of how many books of fantasy and paranormal romance.

Susan Sizemore: A lot. I don’t know, a lot, at least 30, maybe 40. I don’t keep count anymore.

JMW: You’ve got a fantasy coming out from Tor, a paranormal romance featuring the Prime’s vampires coming out from…

Susan Sizemore: Me, I’m doing that one on my own.

JMW: Oh, so I thought they were coming…

Susan Sizemore: I’m going to do that as an eBook. No. I’m doing the “Laws of the Blood” vampire book for Berkeley.

JMW: Aha, “Laws of the Blood”, okay.

Susan Sizemore: Yes, and I’m doing an urban fantasy for Prime, which is a small independent publishing house that I’m doing urban… Well, basically, it’s based on anime.

JMW: Oh, cool.

Susan Sizemore: I’m doing an anime-influenced urban fantasy about a shinigami, which is a ghost hunter.

JMW: Oh. Yeah. One thinks of “Descendants of Darkness” when one thinks of…

Susan Sizemore: Yes, that’s one of the influences, is “Descendants of Darkness”, of that show.

JMW: The other, or can you share?

Susan Sizemore: Oh, there are lots of influences. I watch Bleach and I watch a lot of things that involve shinigami.

JMW: Yeah.

Susan Sizemore: Actually, shinigami are not Japanese. The Japanese – there was a German play about a ghost hunter in the 19th century that the Japanese really liked, and they translated it into Japanese. The shinigami come out of that. They actually are not Japanese, but they’ve become a popular Japanese theme in anime and manga. But the shinigami actually are not Japanese originally.

JMW: That’s very, very cool. The Primes, you’re bringing out in eBook as an indie author.

Susan Sizemore: Yeah.

JMW: How are you liking that?

Susan Sizemore: I’m loving it. I already had just recently did a fantasy that’s brand new, new world-building, new universe. I didn’t think any mainstream publisher would take it, to be honest, because it’s too much of too many things and nothing of one thing. But it’s an idea that was an idea of my heart and I decided to write it anyway. It’s sort of like Jane Austen meets Patrick O’Brian on an island world with three moons. It’s kind of regency era, only it’s its own universe.

So, I decided, “Okay, I’m going to have it professionally edited,” which I did, “and get a cover done for it and put it up as an eBook.” I just did this about two weeks ago. It’s new out online. It’s called “Memory of Morning” and it’s available as an eBook from Kindle, NOOK, and all those places.

JMW: “Memory of Morning,” okay.

Susan Sizemore: Yeah.

JMW: The “Laws of the Blood” book coming out from Berkeley, when’s that going to be coming out?

Susan Sizemore: Not until next fall.

JMW: Oh!

Susan Sizemore: I turned the book in February. It’s not my fault. But the book is not scheduled until Fall of 2012.

JMW: Well, that’s the problem with traditional publishing, isn’t it?

Susan Sizemore: Yes, it is. I go home after DragonCon and start another one.

JMW: Oh, my goodness. Hopefully it’ll be out quickly after the original.

Susan Sizemore: I hope so.

JMW: Yeah.

Susan Sizemore: The next book will be bad elves and vampires running around cornfields in Iowa in November. That’s going to be fun.

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