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Necrophone by David Price

Necrophone by David Price. What if an app could allow you to communicate with the dead while they await judgement? Steven Cross spent $1.99 in the app store and was granted the ability to call his newly-passed Grandfather, a World War

Reggie by Jason Dextradeur

Reggie by Jason Dextradeur. My parents are Fallen Angels. Take a moment to let that sink in. That’s right; my parents chose to fight against God and were cast out of heaven along with Lucifer and all the others. I’ve known

The Composer By Grant Grogan

The Composer By Grant Grogan. A heart-shaped vise tightened in Heather’s chest as she walked the overgrown stone pathway. It was not so long ago that she was sneaking down this same path under a starlit sky, shoes in hand,

Corentin the Divine by Eric M. Bosarge

Corentin the Divine by Eric M. Bosarge. From an interview with Corentin (the Divine) Alamundy. Augury Magazine, September 2012. Corentin has fierce green eyes and a hardy handshake. We sit on the edge of the Thames River in his favorite

Running With The Dead By Larry Hodges

Running With The Dead By Larry Hodges. Ben closed his eyes as he jogged on the bike path through the forest, enjoying the cool misty early-morning breeze on his dead flesh. He could feel his dried-up heart loosely bouncing up