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Fugue for Forgetfulness By Ronald D. Ferguson

Fugue for Forgetfulness By Ronald D. Ferguson. The first injection is easy, a hodgepodge cocktail to soften my genes, to make my DNA pliable for the nano incursion. The needle stings, and the IV marches the tiny engineers into my

Arkbod by Sean Patrick Hannifin

Arkbod by Sean Patrick Hannifin. Congratulations on your purchase of an Arkbod Server 9000. We know you will be pleased with your new best friend. From now on, you will always be in good company and you will always be

Caregiver by Bruce Golden

Caregiver by Bruce Golden. It moved with even certainty through the labyrinth, down long, dim corridors fed by uniform passageways, each artery branching out to its own finality. It passed row after row, cluster upon cluster of marginalized cubicles, adroitly

We’re All Super Here by Michaele Jordan

We’re All Super Here by Michaele Jordan. She pulled Mom’s lavender sweater out of the drawer, then swayed, fell back onto the edge of the windowsill, and started to cry. It wasn’t the sweater, of course. The sweater was

Heroic Relics by Catherine H. Shaffer

Heroic Relics by Catherine H. Shaffer. Sabrina had not always planned on becoming a veterinarian. At one time, she wanted to be a spy. A veterinarian-spy. Well, technically, a veterinarian-spy-astronaut-princess, which became her father’s nickname for her. She hadn’t