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Gifts Of The Spirit by Tom Doyle

Gifts Of The Spirit by Tom Doyle. Two boys stared, but Katie kept dancing. She checked her sweater and skirt, then ran a hand over her hair, just to make sure she didn’t look as freakish as the boys made

In The Wake Of The Storm By Alex Shvartsman

In The Wake Of The Storm By Alex Shvartsman. There is a black-and-white photo within arm’s reach. I set the hose down on the staircase steps, reach down, and scoop it up from the bottom. The paper is too soggy

Unremembered, Unforgotten by Ken Altabef

Unremembered Unforgotten by Ken Altabef. She was surprised to find that even after twenty years of wind and rain, the crimson paint mark remained visible on her front door. Faded and clotted with gray dust, the treble mark persisted, still

Threads of Pearl, Writhing by Gwendolyn Clare

Threads of Pearl, Writhing by Gwendolyn Clare. They tell you it won’t hurt—that part is the lie. It does. But afterward, you won’t feel any pain at all. Ever again. They believe the lie because they can’t remember what “hurt” means.

Dance by Laura Anne Gilman

Dance by Laura Anne Gilman. “It’s a beautiful tree.” Her brother came in from the garage, shaking the snow off his boots and dropping his overnight bag by the door. “It is, isn’t it?” Mara was feeling decidedly pleased with