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To Touch A Unicorn
By Angela McGill

unicorn stories

The unicorns were the first to arrive. I swear it’s true. On a spring day after a violent thunderstorm, a rainbow appeared, and over it, thousands of unicorns galloped onto my family’s farm. Instead of the unearthly beauty often depicted in mythology and art, these animals were thin with dull coats. They milled around a short time, then broke off into herds trotting away from the farm. Some did not leave but limped into our pastures to graze.

A little over twenty-four hours later, the rainbow dissipated as the last unicorn’s hooves touched the ground. By then, news cameras were everywhere. Reporters and their crew tried to follow them, but it soon became clear the unicorns did not want to be bothered; they vanished, transporting away.
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