The Allure of Magic: Something To Consider

The Allure of Magic
Something to Consider
By Martin Lambert
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What is it about magic that draws us in? So many realms, of fiction and fantasy, base themselves in universes where magic is real. We consume these works with voracious appetites, and scream for more. I have been as seduced by them as any other person, and more than some. Magic was defined in one book I read years ago as: any attempt to influence the universe through non conventional means, to include, thought, use of magic words, and or the use magical substances or tools. Magic has been a part of every culture on the planet, and you will find people anywhere you look who are involved in it.

Our fiction and fantasy authors depend upon the reader to “suspend disbelief” while enjoying the fruits of their labors. To suspend disbelief, would be, to believe for at least a time, in something we might not otherwise accept as real. This is what allows us to become so involved in what we are reading that it can come alive in our minds eye and let us join in with the plots and characters. That is powerful in it’s own right, our story tellers having the ability to alter our perceptions of reality, even if just for a short time.

For those of us who hunger for the fantastic in our every day lives, this generally leads to reading fiction and fantasy. We open our mental boundaries and beliefs, to the possibilities the authors offer us, and if they have honed their skills sufficiently enough, a small new reality forms within us and offers us that source of the fantastic that the mundane world most often seems to lack. So I offer thanks to the authors, the mages of the written word. Those who have the power to craft new worlds and universes for us to explore and enjoy, and thus enrich our lives.

by Martin Lambert – Staff Writer
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