The Expendables 2 – Movie Review

The Expendables 2 – Movie Review

-Director: Simon West
-Writers: Richard Wenk, Sylvester Stallone, Ken Kaufman, David Agosto
-Stars: Sylvester Stallone, Liam Hemsworth, Randy Couture, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terry Crews, Scott Adkins, Nan Yu, Charisma Carpenter

The Expendables 2 - Movie ReviewIf you enjoyed the action movies of the 1980s, like Commando, First Blood, Lone Wolf McQuade, or Die Hard, or just enjoy a good shoot-’em-up, you will love this movie. Stallone’s gang of slightly inept but hard-hitting mercenaries are back, and geriatric action stars absolutely rock. The cast clearly had fun making this movie, and it shows in every scene.

The follow up to 2010’s The Expendables, this one is bigger and better in every way. The plot is more interesting, the jokes are funnier, and the motivations are more clearly defined. It’s still filled with every cliche in the book, but somehow it works. Simon West (director) really keeps things moving, and gets the best out of the extended cast.

The movie opens with a high-octane action sequence infused with plenty of humor, and just barrels on through the script. Lots of chases, explosions, fight scenes, gun fights, explosions, captures, rescues, explosions, and drinking with the boys.

There is more of the buddy relationship between Stallone and Statham that works so well, more Schwarzenegger, more Lundgren (he got a backstory!), more Crews, and more Willis. They even added new characters: Jean-Claude Van Damme jumps the fence and is positively slimy as the head bad guy. Liam Hensworth comes across as oh-so-very young to be working with Stallone and crew, despite his technical proficiency. Nan Yu is attached to the group temporarily as a technical expert, and proves she can pull her weight. And Chuck Norris is, well, Chuck Norris.

There were opportunities for every one to do what they do best: Statham faced off against multiple opponents, Van Damme showed off his high kicks, Stallone used his fists, Jet Li did a classic Hong Kong-style fight including pot lids as weapons, Schwarzenegger fired a very large automatic weapon, and Lundgren used his intellect to get out of a tight spot . . . .

I laughed out loud every time an iconic line from another film turned up–almost always spoken by the guy standing next to the one who said it in the original film. The more of a fan you are, the more this film is for you.

The best scene: look for everyone to come together in an airport with tons of fists flying, speeding bullets, and action stars around every corner.

Only thing missing: Jean-Claude Van Damme’s signature split. Oh well. More Jet Li would have been nice, but the lack faded into the background.

By it’s very nature, The Expendables 2 is already a classic of the genre–or at least a museum piece . . .

Reviewed by Elektra Hammond

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The Expendables 2 - Movie Review
Article Name
The Expendables 2 - Movie Review
The follow up to 2010′s The Expendables, this one is bigger and better. The plot is more interesting, the jokes are funnier, and the motivations are more clearly defined.