The Hunted – Create your own Horror Flick

The Hunted is a movie about humans that have to fight off vampire attacks with swords.

It exploded in popularity with amateur and professional filmmakers creating their own episodes throughout the United States and overseas

the hunted web seriesDear Sara –

I really enjoyed a movie I saw on Vimeo called THE HUNTED, which is a horror comedy about people who fight vampires with swords. I understand that this is also an online series, and that they invite viewers to make their own episodes? Is this true?

Eager for info,

Kristy Z.

Dear Kristy –

It’s true. Robert Chapin – who also directs and stars in THE HUNTED film and online series – created THE HUNTED back in 2001 initially as a means of giving his sword students a concrete performance goal. When Chapin started uploading episodes on the Internet, it became clear that he had an eager fandom. People make HUNTED episodes all across the U.S. and around the world, including Africa and the U.K. To date, there are over a hundred episodes available on YouTube. Further information can be found at

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