Top 10 Buzzy Mag Interviews of 2017

Top 10 Buzzy Mag Interviews of 2017

By Stephanie M. Bucklin

Author InterviewsSure, narrowing down Buzzy Mag’s dozens of interviews this year to a top 10 list is actually kind of impossible. But what we can do is highlight some of the fascinating and eye-opening interviews that made us rush to click the “share” button with family and friends.

Here are just a few of our favorites. Know someone else you think we should interview? Make sure to let us know in the comments.

1. V.E. Schwab
Schwab is the bestselling author of Vicious and the Shades of Magic trilogy. In this interview, she talks about her writing process—including how she writes endings first—and what happens when characters come alive and commandeer the story. She also calls Vicious a “love affair project,” noting she wrote it at a time when she was in danger of losing her love of writing, and under contract for a number of other unrelated works. “I wrote it for three years,” she tells Ward. “I never told anyone that I was working on it. I didn’t want to jinx it. I just wanted it to be for me.”

2. Leah Cypress
Cypress is the author of Mistwood and the Death Sworn series. Here, she talks about lying as a theme, her experience as a lawyer (which really didn’t inform her perspective on lying!), and why reviewers said they couldn’t tell how Mistwood was going to end. She also touches on the all-important task of research, including how she went on a “hawk walk” to learn more about falconing.

3. Mike Resnick
Resnick is the winner of dozens of prestigious awards, including the Hugo Award and Nebula Award, and has set records in the number of award nominations he’s received. In this interview, he talks about the inspiration behind his character Lucifer Jones, and why he says he writes “limp science.” You’ll also find out why he states that in the battle between the idea and the characters, characters are always more important, and why he pushed to run mostly new writers when he helped edit a magazine run by publisher Shahid Mahmud.

4. Stephanie Burke
Stephanie Burke is an award-winning author and costumer who writes erotica, romance, paranormal romance, horror, and fantasy. She spoke earlier this year with Ward about what motivates her writing—giving a voice to the voiceless—and her celebration of diversity and inclusion. “When characters started blossoming that were representative of me, that is the most glorious feeling in the world,” she says. Burke also talks about how she got into costuming, her charity called Write for Hope, and what she has planned next.

5. Denis O’Hare
Actor Denis O’Hare has appeared in every season so far of AMERICAN HORROR STORY and earned two Emmy nominations there, Bernstein reports. In this interview, O’Hare talks about his new project, the movie EDGAR ALLAN POE: BURIED ALIVE, which debuted on PBS the night before Halloween. In it, O’Hare plays Poe, and discusses in the interview his fascination with the author, how he portrayed the author, and Poe’s surprising viciousness.

6. Robert J. Sawyer
Robert J. Sawyer is the bestselling and award-winning author of books such as Red Planet Blues and Quantum Night. Here, he speaks about Quantum Night’s strange interplay with modern culture (the book is about the rise of a far-right authoritarian president in 2020), and the great lie that he believes is behind all evil: a fundamental belief that we can’t change human nature. He also talks about the importance of science fiction and why people must “be more evangelical” about this crucial genre.

7. Sherrilyn Kenyon
Kenyon is the bestselling author of The Dark-Hunter series, The Chronicles of Nick, and the Deadmen series, along with many other works. In this interview, she speaks about how her characters become (somewhat demanding) children, her fascination with pirates, and her relative that—maybe—was forced by Blackbeard to walk the plank.

8. John L. French
French is a writer of mystery, horror, and fantasy—and used to work as a crime scene supervisor. Here, he speaks about how his work with crime scene investigators affected his writing, along with whether those TV shows are really doing a good job of depicting CSI work. He also spills some common misconceptions about evidence and investigations (bet you wouldn’t guess what they REALLY use for evidence bags), before talking about how he got into writing.

9. Sarah Avery
Avery is an award-winning author who provides a fascinating look at the writing life, talking about small press bankruptcy, awards, copyright, and starting a career with a collection of novellas. You’ll read about her experience shopping certain books (and the publishers that told her she wasn’t famous enough to publish a novella), her hybrid publishing career, and what she has in store next.

10. Christopher Golden
Golden is the award-winning and bestselling author of novels like Strangewood, Of Saints and Shadows, and The Boys Are Back in Town. In this interview, he talks about what intrigues him about the monsters of the past, why he gravitated towards horror, and his New England influences. He also talks about his work in web series and video games, and why it’s important to treat each as a separate discipline, before hinting about his newest release, Ararat. (Hint: it involves a landslide, a sarcophagus, and a skeleton with horns.)

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Top 10 Buzzy Mag Interviews of 2017
Article Name
Top 10 Buzzy Mag Interviews of 2017
Sure, narrowing down Buzzy Mag’s dozens of interviews this year to a top 10 list is actually kind of impossible. But what we can do is highlight some of the fascinating and eye-opening interviews that made us rush to click the “share” button with family and friends.