True Blood – Will They Ever Have “Bubba” Show Up On The Show?

Dear Sara,

True Blood is just about to start a new season. Will they ever have “Bubba” show up on the show? I don’t think it should be too hard for them to get an Elvis impersonator to wear fangs and act a little ‘teched.


Dear Anonymous,

From Day 1 the producers of True Blood have made it clear that they draw inspiration from the Southern Vampire Mysteries of Charlaine Harris but that they were going to be telling their own stories. There are reasons that Bubba won’t appear although I think it would be a hoot to allude to him in an off camera sort of existence like Maris Crane on FRASIER or Jerry Seinfeld’s cousin, Jeffrey. I think I can safely say The King will never appear on True Blood because A. They would not like a legal tussle with the Presley Estate and B. It would be more slapstick comedy than the producers are willing to use.

-Sara Bellum

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