Was Game Of Thrones Modeled After The Real War Of Roses?


Dear Sara,

Rumor has it the George R.R. Martin modeled Game of Thrones after the real War of the Roses, is that true?

Game Of Thrones Fan

Dear Game Of Thrones Fan,

Yes, in part. Like all good writers George R.R. Martin did a good amount of research before begining his novels but as his is a work of fiction he was able to cherry pick through history and only use the parts he found to be of particular interest. Even then he did not just record history but made these his own. Much as D.B. Weiss is doing on the television version of the books. A shared vision perhaps but it is where it diverges that makes it more fun.

The “First Men” approximately correspond to the Celts. Th Andals and their seven kingdoms are pretty close in nature to the Saxons and their kingdoms in England. The Targaryens are very like the Normans (without the dragons of course). House Lancaster sort of matches up to House Lannister while House York does the same to to House Stark. The Dothraki being nomadic tribesmen who swoop out of anywhere to devastate and loot would probably be the Huns but in later centuries could be the Vandals. These things need not match up precisely.

-Sara Bellum

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