What are the Different Ways People Can Become a Werewolves?

Dear Sara,

What are the different ways people can become werewolves?

-David K.

Dear David,

People Become Werewolves

There’s a fairly comprehensive list in Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden book FOOL MOON, but by far, the most traditional is being bitten (or in some beliefs, simply scratched) by a werewolf in his/her wolf form. There’s also being born a werewolf (with one or both parents werewolves), being cursed either for wrongdoing or by irate magic-workers (often gypsies) and using a spell and a pouch of a belt of wolf fur to deliberately transform into wolf form. Although this doesn’t entirely count as being a werewolf, there are also wolves who take human shape – these could be considered were-humans.

-Sara Bellum


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