What Is A Rift Walker?

Dear Sara,

The second novel in Clay and Susan Griffith’s VAMPIRE EMPIRE trilogy is entitled THE RIFT WALKER. What the heck is a rift walker?

Lori D.

Dear Lori,

The term “ley lines” was first coined in 1921 by the non-fictional personage Alfred Watkins. He believed that ley lines were ancient paths used by humans in Neolithic times in ancient Britain. In 1969, John Michell used the term to describe what he believed were paths and sites of spiritual power, invisible to the naked eye. In VAMPIRE EMPIRE, a riftwalker can use his or her power to hide from vampires by walking the ley lines. Where there is a large accumulation of power, a rift can exist, enabling a riftwalker to travel from one side of the world to the other.

-Sara Bellum

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