What is Spock’s Full Name?

Dear Sara,

Do you know what Spock’s full name is?

Phil Einhorn

Yes Phil, it is S’chn-T’ Gaii Spock, son of S’chn-T’ Gaii Sarek (of Skon and Solkar) of Vulcan. This first appeared in the Star Trek book ISHMAEL by Barbara Hambley. Presumbably humans can’t pronounce it. The book was a crossover between Trek and Here Come the Brides. In the book Spock has amnesia and is posing as a nephew of Aaron Stemple. Stemple was played by Mark Leonard on Here Come the Brides and Mark Leonard played Sarek, Spock’s father, on Star Trek!

-Sara Bellum

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Sara Bellum
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  • Lomax Lamat

    Follow up question Sara –

    Is the book canon to the Star Trek verse? because if it is not official and sanctioned canon than we cannot accredit S’chn-T’ Gaii Spock, son of S’chn-T’ Gaii Sarek (of Skon and Solkar) of Vulcan as Spock’s true name.

  • Sara Bellum

    There is quite a bit of debate as to what is considered canon in Star Trek but Gene Roddenberry aka The Great Bird of the Galaxy was the creator of Star Trek and even he constantly changed his opinion on what was and was not canon. “And as long as Gene Roddenberry is involved in it, he is the final word on what is Star Trek. So, for us here – Ron Moore, Jeri Taylor, everybody who works on the show – Gene is the authority” Well The Great Bird has flown and to some extent so has canon. As the book was licensed and approved I take it as canon and a very good read as well for a fan of the original series.What I would like to delete from canon is Sybok, Spock’s half brother that showed up in ST V but we are stuck with him. Thank God for the new alternate time line.