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Dear Sarah,

When I was in school Thor was known as a God of the Vikings. Now in Marvel comics
Thor is an ancient alien with extraordinary powers. When did he become an ancient

Sandy K

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Dear Sandy,

Not only Thor but many of the ancient Gods from the mythologies of the Egyptians,
Greeks, Hindus, Celtics and more have been transformed into aliens for the purpose
of fantasy and science fiction. Stargate SG-1 used Ra, Cronus, Nirrti, Osiris,
Ares, Athena, Hathor, Apophis ,Ba’al, Bastet, Conus, Morrigan, Nirrti, Kali, Anubus,
Camulus and Moloc as the Goa’uld nemesis of the human race. Loads of novelists have
recently been using gods and demigods as anything but divine. It may have started in
1968 with the publication of Erich von Daniken’s “Chariots of the Gods”. Of course
that was supposed to be nonfiction but it opened the floodgates of speculation and
resulted in a lot of fiction. When you think about it, Marvel using Thor and the
inhabitants of Asgard as aliens back in 1985 was really a little behind the times!


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