Why is Captain Kirk’s middle name Tiberius?

captain kirk, william shatner, captain kirk middle name,  TiberiusDear Sarah,

Why is Captain Kirk’s middle name Tiberius? Isn’t that a little exotic for a farm boy from Iowa?

Maria Robsky


Dear Maria,

First of all Tiberius was Jim Kirk’s Grandfather’s name but that begs the question as to why his Grandfather was named Tiberius. There is nothing in canon that covers it but there have been stories written that say many Kirk first born males were given the name of Roman Emperors with the hope that they would achieve greatness. So the idea is that despite the down home nature of the family farm business there was a streak of ambition that lasted for many generations.

Sarah Bellum


Take in some random knowledge on Captain Kirk:

James T. Kirk completed a five year mission in three.

James T. Kirk has had relations with every alien species – even those without females.

Kirk’s ship’s NCC number is 1701.

In Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn, Captain Kirk’s illegitimate son, David Marcus was introduced into his life.

Captain Kirk’s son was David Markus.

Kirk saved The President in “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.”

Kirk was one of the survivors aboard the Farragut when it was attacked.

Kirk became the youngest starship captain when he received command of the USS Enterprise for a 5-year mission.

Captain Kirk’s dramatic pauses in speech have been called “The Shatnerian.”

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