Why was Brienne so loyal to Renly Baratheon?

Dear Sara,

Q. I love watching Game of Thrones and am curious about Brienne. Why was Brienne so loyal to Renly Baratheon to the point that her grief is inconsolable when he dies?

Wanda M.

Dear Wanda,

A. They met when she was just 14 years old.Renly was kind to her, danced with her, and showed her every courtesy due a young lady of her station while those of her father’s court as well as men from other territories treated her like a freak. She had been taunted for her size, for her lack of grace and for unladylike behaviour. While those qualities were off-putting to most men ,Renly was gay and his attitude toward her was not colored by sexuality. Brienne by nature is stubborn, loyal and probaly because so many have tried to dupe her she is also distrustful. Renly and Brienne had an honest and straightfoward understanding that was something she relied on so when he died she was devastated.

-Sara Bellum

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