Why We Need Spike back on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Why We Need James Marsters

Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer must come back – and here is why

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by Theresa Bane

I can be silent about it no longer. Someone needs to address the 500 pound gorilla in the room and I am no longer willing to just sit here and pretend like it does not exist. I will be the one who bravely steps forward into the light and proclaims aloud “The time has come for Spike to return.”

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Bring Back Spike!

We need Spike. There, I said it. I put it out there. TV has not been the same since he left the airwaves. Let me tell the tale of how he came to be, how he came to leave, and how he needs to come again.

In the beginning, there was Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and it was good. But then the Whedon said Bring me James Marsters to play a one shot villain. And they did and James was good. In fact, James was very good. So great was he that the Whedon then exclaimed:

Nay, let it be known that the character played by James Marsters known as Spike will not be killed off as the script proclaims, but rather live on as a repeat antagonist. So sayeth the Whedon, so shall it be done.

And so it came to pass just as the Whedon foretold. Spike was allowed to live at the end of the episode “Halloween” and return to taunt Buffy again and again and again.

Time passed, and the fans began to like to the villainous Spike, his toothy grin, his devilish smile and the spark of mischief that lived in his eyes. They liked his banter and his razor sharp wit. And the fans cried out to the Whedon and said unto him:

This character Spike, we like him so. But if he continues on his path of evil he will eventually need to be slain by the vampire slayer. This we do not seek. Rather can he not somehow become good?”

And the Whedon heard the cries of his fan base and thought on it. Then, in the brilliance that is Joss he did indeed not let the cries of the fans fall on deaf ears, but rather harkened unto them.

Since these were the days before James Marsters went on to play Officer Mars in the TV show Without a Trace, before he played Brainiac on Smallville and was still living in an apartment in LA while performing with his band “Ghost of the Robot” on weekends, James was inclined to accept a large role into the much acclaimed TV series.

And so it was that the writers of the Whedon had Spike captured by a government agency where they had a microchip installed in his head which rendered him impotent to injure humans without pain. The fans watched this plotline unfold on the series and decided it was good.

james marsters, spike buffy, smallville, milton fine

James Marsters as Milton Fine on Smallville (2005 – 2010)

And there were episodes a plenty in which Spike was snarky and likeable, more so than some of the long time and established characters. And the fans began to become uneasy and call out again unto the Whedon.

Hear us oh Whedon,” they cried, “we like what you have done but now we ask more of you. We want very much to see a relationship develop between Buffy and Spike. Our Buffy fan-fiction is not as good as you can write. We need you to show us the way.”

And the Whedon listened to the cries of this fanbase, for they are the ones who really purchased his house and car and other expensive stuff when you get right down to it. The Whedon turned to his team of writers and said unto them

Gather close and hear my words. The fans, they cry out to me day and night and I cannot ignore them, for I desire a boat, sleek and fast. We must deliver unto the people what they ask.”

And so it came to be. Spike and Buffy came to know each other in the biblical way and the fans rejoiced, for it was good. I mean really good. So good that to this day the Buffy Spike kiss is mentioned on the top 10 lists of hottest television sex scenes ever.

And the people were pleased, and there was much rejoicing.

And this was all done in the days before James Marsters signed on to play Lord Piccolo for the Dragonball movie.

These were known henceforth as the Golden Age of Marsters. And it was in this most abundant time that he did do the narration for The Dresden Files series of Audiobooks. James as the narrator, the voice of Harry Dresden, a wizard for hire who worked in the city of Chicago. Jim Butcher, author of the books was himself quoted as having said he did the happy Snoopy dance when he heard the news.

A dark cloud began to form and move over the land threatening to destroy the joy of millions. Evil network moguls at UPN delivered their words unto 20th Century Fox, Mutant Enemy, and the Whedon. They declared Buffy the Vampire Slayer would be on television no longer except in reruns and syndication. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the fans.

“No,” they cried out to the Wheaton, “you cannot do this to us. We have come to love these characters and what will become of Spike? Can he not move to LA and join the cast of your other show, Angel?”

The Whedon was angered by the unscheduled cancellation of his TV show that he had nurtured and did as the people asked. It was through the intervention of the Whedon that James Marsters was offered an opportunity to move his character to LA to join the cast of the TV show Angel.

And as this was in the days before small part move roles in “PS, I Love You” and James was still inclined to working and making money, he accepted the opportunity and life was again good. There was much rejoicing from the fans.

james marsters, angel, david boreanaz

James Marsters and David Boreanaz, Angel

And so it came to pass that Spike came to the City of Angels and did join the staff of Wolfram and Hart, and there too he did steal the show for he was well loved by the Whedon and was given the best lines and story hooks. The fan base watched ever-increasing number ever week to see what sort madness he was going to cause. Plotlines were never so good.

But then the great evil that is the-powers-that-be again raised it’s ugly head once more and did what Buffy the Vampire Slayer could not do – bring about the ends of days for the vampire we loved to hate and loved to love.

But the fans did so love their there Blondie Bear that they cried out unto the Whedon Help us, “for we are about to be lost, what can we do?”

And the Whedon was sad at the loss of his shows and knew not how to save it. And for the first time ever the Whedon was not able to answer to cries of his people.

Spike was lost to the fans. The Whedon wrote of him no more.
…And so came in the darkness.

So why do we need Spike? Its simple really – he was the only character on TV that was ever honest. He told the truth, especially when it hurt, but it was always relevant and pertinent, and I have to admit, he was never sexier than when he was delivering the hard core and honest truth. I guess it was because there was this evil little imp that lived in his smile or eyes. And this being an election year, we need some honesty. But more than that, we need Spike because, fan fiction, it’s just not cutting it.

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Theresa Bane

Theresa Bane

QrT – Theresa Bane Vampirologist and one of Jim Butcher’s Asylum Inmates.
Theresa Bane
  • Theresa

    This? Is simply brilliant. And absolutely correct. Spike is/was the most captivating character to ever cross my television screen, and we need more of him. Failing that, we need another complex role that puts Marsters on our televisions every week for years!

  • CarolM

    Lamentable though the loss of Spike is, and even more lamentable is the (hopefully) temporary absence from our TV and movie screens of the delectable and multitalented James Marsters, there is still hope.
    A light has appeared in the darkness, we will at least be able to hear the dulcet and varied tones of the aforementioned multitalented actor.
    We will once again be able to thrill to his rendition of the array of characters like Harry Dresden himself, the intrepid fairy Toot Toot and the duplicitous mewling of Mab (through the tongue of Grimalkin). The audio books of the Dresden Files can at least alleviate our loss temporarily.

  • CarolW

    Life has never been the same since the loss of Spike from the TV screens. No other film or tv character has ever captured every part of your soul like he did. He made you feel his torment, his pain and his love and he still has hold of my heart. Yes we need him back in one way or the other

  • D Castleton

    Would they had brought Marsters into the TV Dresden Files to play Thomas!

  • June

    D-The TV series may be gone but there is always hope for a feature film or a series of films. It would be great to see James Marsters onscreen in some role or other in The Dresden Files.

  • Robin

    While it seems unlikely that we will ever see James playing Spike in a live-action format again, at least we can take comfort in the fact that Mr. Marsters is working steadily (including bringing us fanastic Dresden Files audiobooks), and that Spike’s story continues in comic book form. I have to agree that our beloved vampire was one of the most complex, intriguing characters to grace the small screen. Sadly, we have passed the five year mark that James set when the series ended, and I really respect that he is protective of the character to the extent that he doesn’t want to break the illusion of Spike’s immortality with his own inevitable aging.

    From my point of view, Spike’s story on Buffy ran its course. It’s done. The character truly started a new chapter in his life when he found himself in L.A., and it’s what he needed. Seeing his role in “After the Fall” is enough for me now, especially since we get to see James in so many other fascinating roles now. (Torchwood anyone? Wow.)

    So, here’s to Spike. And here’s hoping that lightning will strike somewhere else to create another character just as strange, complicated, and beautiful soon.

    (Small nitpick: Ghost of the Robot didn’t form until a couple years after James became a regular on BtVS. Before that he was doing solo gigs playing mostly acoustic covers.)

    Oh, and D Castleton, I’ve always thought that James is a bit too old to play Thomas, but in a couple years he’d make a wonderful Gentleman Johnny. 😀

  • WillowRose

    I think that James is a versitile actor.He can play a chipped vampire with a soul,then turn around and be a teen’s drunk father,then be a bank robber,then be Ted Bundy,be a try-sexual time traveler,and it all cuminates to Piccolo in the DragonBall z movie.The only other actor I can think of that could possibly do that is Johnny Depp.
    Opinions anyone?

  • ae

    Sister, you have written both wisely and well, you too speak the truth and having brought this all forth in such a clean and precise manner, I sing hosannas to you, your skill, your talents, wily and agile. You provide the historical, the hysterical, and the (w)holly believable. You too are good and hopefully not chipped and the kiss is hot and will forever be hot and the hotness is in direct proportion to the sharpness of Mr. Marsters’ cheekbones. And god, has any tiny man every muscled up so beautifully in his life, or exhibited such crisp whiteness in the land of the tanned. Good on you TB, well writ, totally clever–you related to Spike? Thanks

  • Amelia

    Spike is an awesome character, and it’s not just because of his undeniable good looks.
    James Marsters has the ability to bring life to any role that is given to him. Therefore his character Spike just rocked. One should keep in mind that Spike was originally supposed to have only a few episodes, before becoming a recurring character, and eventually a regular. This means, that all of Spike’s lines were written keeping James Marsters in mind; they were written in a way that only James Marsters could tell them. James Marsters perfected Spike.
    And so, Spike is cool, witty, cunning, observant, smart-mouthed, tactless-in-an-amusing- way, -with-a-soft-side, complex and gorgeous

  • morrissa

    I bow down to your talent. Very well written indeed!

    Spike is the best fictional character ever written/performed. Was there a particularly lucky star shining that time over James, Joss, Jane and the others involved in the making of the Spike? Maybe. However it worked, I’m forever thankful that it did.

    Now, if I can’t have my James/Spike back, I would love to see James and Alexander Skarsgård together on True Blood. That would also be truly awesome.

  • itoy247

    i only have four words for you:



  • elaine

    I am hoping that James can pull off another winner in Caprica where he is only supposed to be in a few eps. I also think he was excellent in Chance, in fact I have not found any character that is not made better with James playing him. I have said for years that Spike was the best character ever on TV, I have cried buckets over his pain and laughed many times with him. I have never seen an actor that portrays pain better than James. Joss once said that he was one of the few actors that could play Dracula one minute and Jack Benny the next. I just want to see more of James in a series. I am one of the first to order the new audio books of the Dresden Files, because James acts them out. Nothing dull with his readings, I see a movie playing in my head and the fun part is once in a while I can hear a word or two of Spike. Just wish they had put them out in order.

    This was such a wonderful article about my favorite vampire and actor. Spike wins most of the favorite vampire polls and was the big winner of the SFX mag. poll and they had a big many page article about him.

  • Chantel

    3 words.

    You. Are. Awesome.

  • Anthea Walpurgis Stash

    Oh Noble Crier of News and Opinion,

    Why speakest thou of these trivialities when that which is of much greater moment goes unproclaimed?
    Thou strainest at a gnat and gulpest down a ginormous camel. While you utter these fripperies of vampires and angels, the issue of true moment goes unsung. *Where is the Firefly?* Where are the noble crew members and when are they coming back and how can we sign on? We care not whether they are dead; we would join them anyway. Remember, if not for the courage of the valiant crew, the Firefly would be lost!

    She Who Knows What’s What

  • Vicki

    I just watched Buffy/Angel for the first time this fall. Bless DVDs. My daughter and grandson recommended, and both told me I was going to love Spike. After seeing his first episode I could not understand how I was going to grow to love this guy-but they were right. Spike is probably my favorite character. He could make me laugh and cry during the same episode. Love James Marsters. Love this article.

  • hahaha! I freaking love this! I agree, i don’t think it matters how much he has aged since Angel ended, a Spike show would be awesome. Now that Dollhouse is canceled maybe there could be a Spike/Faith show?

    I have a story of how i came to be a James Fan on my site, i hated Spike.. HATED him.. then.. things happened… feel free to read it…

  • Travis Lampke

    Excellent article for the most part. I am amazed, however, that people continue to claim that Buffy was canceled. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was designed to end with Season 7 from the very beginning. Angel was the one canceled.

  • Annoyed Guy

    Buffy wasn’t canceled, retardo.

  • Shelly Overton

    He often raises the quality of acting in his fellow actors. Go back and watch sometime….I make a point of watching anything he appears in.

  • Vampy

    I say all us fans gang up and storm the doors down of every studio out there until someone hears our plea! *snickers* I agree with everything you said and in all honesty no show has ever captivated my attention more than BTVS. Especially seasons 5,6 and 7 which of course are more dominated by Spike an all his glorious wonder. What happened with TV after the great Joss series went away….it seems to have fallen into a black hole of boredom! Any ideas on how we (the fans) could help get the creators in gear for some new Spike fun. I’m in for whatever it takes! Keep the immortal love of Spike going and peace out peeps! =)

  • Anna Mullens

    I saw a special on E! last night and they listed the top 10 vampires of film and television. Spike was not among them nor Nick Knight or Lucien LaCroix. These people know nothing! Their top rated vamp was Sparkles..Now I don’t mean to bask Stephenie Meyer or any Twighlight fans but puh..lese
    Maybe everyone could drop them a line and tell them to go out and buy a clue

  • Veiriti

    Excellent article! I’ve read it yesterday and I loved it, but I didn’t comment it. Actually there isn’t something more which I’d like to add!! I LOVE SPIKE! Spike was the one tv character who made me to laugh and who made me to cry… NO ONE actor or tv character made me to cry before! Spike did it 3 times!!! The awesome acting of James Marsters makes me to feel Spike as a real person!
    Yeah, I want Spike so badly! PLEASE JOSS WHEDON, BRING SPIKE BACK on the tv screen!!!

  • megan paterson

    spike the vampire once known as william is one of the best and hottess characters on tv but now that both angel and buffy the vampire slayer have now finished there is nothing good on tv and i think that they have left both shows that they could be continued on i wouldnt mind if they did are movie or an new season i would love to see buffy finding out that spike is alive and with angel i think they should do either the movie show based on the buffy book queen of the slayer and i think now that there is twilight movies out why they couldnt bring out are buffy/angel movie since twilight is are big hit

  • XFever

    Wow. What a bad article.

    Buffy wasn’t cancelled, it was SMG’s choice to walk away. Partially because she hated the Spuffy storyline.

    Plenty of people didn’t think Spuffy was great. And Spike honest? When did he stop lying either to himself or to the Scoobies?

    Lies to Wood about his mother. Lies to the Scoobies over Adam. Manipulates Buffy into bed after she returns from the dead. Lies to Harmony.

    Clearly your definition of love also includes stalking and attempted rape.

    Because he had killer abs.

    Masters is a very good actor, but Spike, unsurprisingly given Noxon’s lust, was an one-dimensional mess. Gets soul, doesn’t care about all the evil he did, unless it involves Buffy.

    Oh and the ageless vampire hitting middle-age?

  • Veiriti

    Oh, XFever or Bitsy maybe… Will you ever stop with your ridiculous Spuffy and Spike-hater opinions!? You always try to spoil something good about Spike. Most of the people obiviously do not agree with you! Why don’t you keep your opinion only for you?! Will you ever stop to bashing the character and the writers?!
    Marty Noxon’s storyline was awesome in difference with Scott Allie’s Season 8 storyline, which made Buffy absolutely different and unrecognizable than the original Buffy who we loved! Marty Noxon was one of the best Whedon writers and I’m so sorry that she is out of Buffy’s project now!
    Spike never lies Wood about his mother!Where you see it? Spike never manipulated Buffy, to have a sex with him was only her decision – watch “One More with feelings” and “Smashed” again! And in the end when of “Chosen” she said “I love you!” she did mean it!
    You only were right about the ending of Buffy S 7 – it was SMG’s choice to walk away. She had movie projects so she moved on;) Actually the Spuffy idea was hers! Sarah and James weren’t only colleagues, they were friends.
    And about Sarah’s opinion, please read this:
    (7-02 SFX Magazine) (on sex scenes with James) He makes it incredibly comfortable. I’ve been with this group for six years and so if I feel like I’m silly or I feel uncomfortable they help me out
    James is one of the most marvelous actors whom I’ve worked with. One of the most intelligent I’ve ever met. He’s very very well trained, Shakespearean style. He is super professional and he wants to do everything to perfection and it shows in everything he does. He even does most of his stunts on Buffy. One time he even burned his hand, and he continued just the same. He’s simply and incredible actor and an extraordinary human being. I appreciate working with him every day.

  • silver

    Wonderful article Theresa Bane. I couldn’t agree more If I tried. Spike was one of the best characters that the Buffyverse ever spawned. Still winning popularity polls and still very much holding his own against this current new wave of vampire characters.

    Also If you’re wondering why you’re getting a sudden rush of new replies this old post of yours It’s because somebody linked this on Whedonesque, the site dedicated to Joss Whedon’s work.

  • trepkos

    Your facts are a little shaky – especially the bits about Joss loving Spike – but I agree whole-heartedly with the sentiment.

  • Scarlet

    Agreed with trepkos–the facts are shaky, and you needed someone to give this a read through for the typos, but I agree with the sentiment.

    If Joss wants a project that won’t get canceled and will make lots of money, he needs to do a Spike movie. Or really, David Greenwalt, since the rights were handed over or something…

  • jamesmarstersjunkie

    I have long thought that Joss needed to do a movie or series that showcased the brilliance that is James Marsters and his awesome character of Spike. We have been cheated out of such delights and were given things like Angel and Bones. *shakes fist at Joss* How could you be so loyal to other actors and fail to see the greatness that is James Marsters??

    He has more then paid his dues. He struggled long and hard, bringing us much joy and gut wrenching heartache with his protral of the love starved vampire. His heart and “soul” have been deserving for so long, and to ignore the voices of your fans…no…his fans, is blasphemous! It is we who watch and decide what is good! It is we who make famous those “chosen” few who grace the screen. So why not then listen to those who cry out for something we have wait long and wished so very hard to see.

    We want Spike!

  • jamesmarstersjunkie

    please pardon the typo at the end!!!! 🙂

  • Wordy Mc Word.

    Hopefully Joss will continue Spike’s story, whether on TV or other medium.

  • Glen
  • Glen

    BTdub… please don’t blame Joss for the lack of a Spike movie. The simple fact is that There will be no movie till the studios greenlight one. I have read that Joss has pitched movie ideas for Spike. Hell, I even heard direct from James that he put together a Spike screenplay, but no one was biting (pun intended).

    And… sad to say… agewise, James is pretty much at the limit of being able to pass as the immortal, ever young bloodsucker. If it’s not happening right now…

  • Taira from Finland

    MAN! This “cermon” hit the spot!

    Even though I agree with _some_ of the previous commenters about some of the facts you presented to us not being the (whole) truth… but still… You really did hit the nail in the head, TheB! I was laughing out loud while reading, and agreeing to the “core-message” of your speech at the same time.

    I only wish that there were some higher ups there who would take the idea of a Spike movie and do it. James himself has said that he’d be interested in doing it. But, as he said, there aren’t that many years left ’til he becomes too old… *sigh*

  • quantumac

    Excellent article, although you might check the spelling and grammar.

    “And so it cam” should be “And so it came”.

    “cried out to the Wheaton” should be “cried out to the Wheadon”.

    “fans did so love their there Blondie Bear” should be “fans did so love their Blondie Bear”.

  • lynn

    The genuine article was really sensitive and expressed so well what we all feel. Spike’s character still is in my mind but none except Marsters can be allowed to play his part, his age doesn’t really matters, he remains one of the most attractive man I’ve seen !
    Sorry Quantumac for my poor English,I’m a frenchy !

  • Dina

    I have to admit that I wasn’t a big fan of the Buffy series, but James Marsters was definitely the best thing in it. What I didn’t realize was the depth of his acting ability. He simply melted into the character. Once I heard his delivery of the Dresden Files series, though, I realized I had greatly underestimated him as an actor. Wow. That series is, bar none, the best read/acted series I can imagine. He makes listening to audiobooks fun again. It helps that the series is written in gritty first-person, perfectly suitable for a one-man vocal reading of the work. But Marsters takes it one step further into true acting, timing his delivery with absolute, well, mastery.
    Because of his acting in the Dresden series audiobooks, I’m definitely a fan of Marsters now, in much the same way as I became a fan of Gary Oldman. Until I saw his range through a ton of movies (JFK, Dracula, Sid & Nancy, Beethoven, True Romance) I had absolutely no idea what an amazing actor he is. It helps to break the rules a bit and introduce your talents to a different audience, so that they can become fans of your other work.

  • Marsters is amazing in the Dresden audiobooks. I was shocked to find out it was actually him. I believed the British accent 100% and just assumed Marsters was from the UK.

    I’m sure he’ll find some vehicle for his talents.

  • mysticaldoily

    Everyone (James included) always talks about Spike being immortal, James aging, and how that will affect the time frame they have to make a Spikecentric show or movie. There’s GOT to be a supernatural way around that “problem.”

    I mean, he’s the only souled vamp walking around (besides Angel) that we know of. Why not work THAT into a storyline somehow to explain why he looks older? David Boreanaz didn’t look EXACTLY the same as he did when he first showed up on Buffy as he did at the end of Angel. It wasn’t that big of a deal, IMO.

    Spike also wore, and was trapped inside, the amulet…THAT could have done something to him for all we know. The writers are creative and always have been…I’m sure they can come up with a way around James looking older if need be. Anything’s possible.

    That said, everything stated here is well put, and the article was entertaining to read. I was just saying to my husband…everyone who loved BtVS, especially James and Spike are needing a good fix right about now. It would behoove someone, whoever has the rights & the capability to get it done, to take advantage of the ‘sitch and go for it.

    With all the sparkling vampires out there right now, it would be truly refreshing to see Spike return to television for one more go, as long as it was done right.

  • henwy

    Ello? Am I the only one having commenting issues where nothing seems to show up? Testing testing?

  • Holy crap! I just finished listening to the new Changes audiobook and stunned doesn’t even begin to sum it up. No spoilers but it’s like Jim Butcher packed like a half dozen books worth of world-changing events into one. Not to mention that James Marsters was fan-freaking-tastic. He just gets better and better at this with each new book. I’m going to tackle the other new releases and I expect they’ll kick butt too. I had been working my way through all the audiobooks in order again prepping for this batch of releases but just had to jump all the way up to Changes before backtracking to Blood Rites.

  • Lauren

    Yes yes yes we do need Spike back but i want him with Buffy they were great together but we need Spike back!!

  • Lauren

    Spike is incredibly sexy, love him 🙂

  • Joanne

    I couldn’t agree with you more!

    Spike was just the best character, thanks to the fantastic James Marsters. He was what first got me into the Dresden Files books – he’s outstanding at reading the audio books. I now look forward to the next Dresden Files audio book.

    How about if we can’t have a TV series with Spike, maybe Joss Whedon could write a Spike story and we could have James read it on an Audio Book!

  • Luna

    Spike could come back, if the ptb’s allowed him. With the magic of soft lighting, make up & whatever else television does to create its effects, Spike can live again looking exactly as he did when AtS ended.

    I’ve seen a lot of good shows, & good actors, & nothing comes close to BtVS, AtS, Spike & James.

    I want intelligent TV!

  • Christina

    I agree that we need Spike! I agree with honesty (as opposed to deception or making things look good!). I also find it hilarious that the author wrote about this topic!

  • June K. Williams

    One thing for certain, Spike was emotionally honest. The bloody awful poet ended both BTVS and AtS as so much more than he started.

  • juique

    Great article. I agree: Spike was one of the best TV characters ever and James Marsters has incredible talent. Hope to see him in far more roles.

  • SpikeLuver

    I Loved, no Adored how about I loved and Adrored Spike. I thought
    Buffy was great the first season but I could have stopped watching after that season. Then I saw the second season at my local video rental shop and I though
    “why the heck not” I picked It up and watched it and saw spike. I Thought hahaha funny guy but after that season despite Buffy’s silly hair Spike drew me in to buy seasons 3-7 I cried when he got captured and felt his pain when he was chipped I loved the spuffyness and he was the one who drew me in.
    James kicks butt and I think Joss should have spike read his character as an audiobook for the new comic series of buffy 🙂

  • Andy

    Just be careful what you ask for. I am a fan of James Marsters work. He is part of the reason that I buy the Dresden files audio books when I can spare the money. But I have seen him in the movie High Plains Invaders, and while he did well it was still a lousy idea for a movie. I never play an actor for being in a bad film, they might do a great job in that film and they need the work but still seeing someone do a great job of running from steam powered aliens doesn’t make it a good story. They same can come to pass of the character Spike, he might do a great job playing it but if it is a lousy story it will risk damaging the legends and myths created.

  • Rachel

    Definitely agree that Spike is amazing and that there should be a Buffy movie. I just finished the series and I need closure! Originally I was Angel all the way and just thought Spike was funny. The more I saw Spike, the more I wanted him to be with Buffy.

  • hoboboxerjoe

    I agree, we need a Spike mini-series at the very least!

    David shouldn’t be a dick and should return, Sarah should definitely play a big role in it. But instead it should focus around Spike!

    I admit, Buffy is my gal, and I LOVE Angel. But Spike has grown on me more and more as I’ve grown older, funny how that works.

  • Ann

    Just heard horrible news…. James isn’t reading the next Dresden files novel…. he had other obligations, and the publisher didn’t want to wait. Who did they get? The guy that played Lionel Luther…. gag. James is Harry… just like he IS Spike.

  • Administrator

    Penguin had told us there were scheduling conflicts between the release date and James’ schedule.

  • MJ Fuller

    *sigh* With all the vampires showing up on screens these days, still nobody can hold a candle to James Marsters as Spike. Obviously Buffy can’t come back with the original cast intact but could there still be a Spike spin-off? Spike had his soul at the end of Buffy and angel. If he became human he could age for awhile and then have one of his old “friends” bring him back over when he was laying dying in the street somewhere.

  • Alana Poole

    Yeah, we still need Spike. Every generation should have one or two and I guess my generation got one played by James Marsters and that was way cooler than The Fonz played by Henry Winkler-Not that I’m knocking Mr.Winkler or the Fonz, its just that Spike/Marsters is so smoking hot