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Sara Bellum
The name's Sara Bellum, and I'm the editor-at-large here at BuzzyMag - the hostess with the mostess, if you will. I like to think that my first calling is fighting crime and delivering a heaping dose of sweet, sweet justice to all manner of thugs, miscreants, hoodlums, ruffians, and ne'er-do-wells, but unfortunately, violent vigilantism doesn't exactly pay big bucks these days.  

Times are tough, my friends, and I've got bills to pay, so I decided to put my encyclopedic knowledge of all things sci-fi & fantasy-related to use to help me land a day job. To tell you the truth, it's kind of a nice change of pace. My manicures have been lasting a bit longer lately.
  • mkboldin

    I enjoyed the Ron Perlman interview. I’ve enjoyed him in film and TV since his stint on Beauty and the Beast

  • To Touch A Unicorn by Angela McGill is a good story I liked reading it

  • Becky Horn

    I liked the Supernatural Fresh Meat Review, because I have always been a fan of the Winchester brothers and Supernatural TV show.

  • ContenionIngression

    Favourite interview has to be the Robin Hobb Interview. Author Of The Farseer Trilogy! Great to see her thoughts on the way magic works in her books and that its use has to have a cost.

  • jlafount

    Django Unchained – Movie Review. It is a movie i’m interested in seeing

  • Marlene V

    A Good Day to Die Hard – Movie Review
    Based on the recommendation I plan to go see that action packed movie and was glad the reviewer thought it held up to the other movies in the series.

  • The call of the Golden Gate I like the miracles

  • Diane W

    I enjoyed reading the review by Michaele Jordon on The Once And Future Cake.

  • Diane W

    I like The Once and Future by Mi haele Jordon because I enjoy time travel stories.

  • Richard Deyarmond

    I enjoyed learning more about Lou Gossett Jr.

  • I read the review on Die Hard! You give a great explanation for this movie! I enjoyed the movie, but I think I enjoyed your review of the movie more! lol I wasn’t a huge fan of this movie, but great review!

  • Crimson

    I have loved every interview and article regarding Jim Butcher because…dude…it’s Jim Butcher!

  • LGK

    I enjoy the movie reviews, I am interested in the Bruce Willis new movie so that is great to get some inside informtation and insight

  • Joan Reyes

    I agreed with the writer’s review of “Warm Bodies”, the zombie romance movie. The movie was funny and warm and definitely worth watching again.

  • Jay M.

    Interview with Jonathan Thornton was very interesting. I have always had a fascination with special effects and make-up so I really enjoyed the interview. Thanks!

  • “Warm Bodies”, the zombie romance movie. The movie was funny.

  • the Warm Bodies review was awesome, very humorous.

  • erik bryant

    warm bodies! went to see it because of it!

  • Lyudmila

    I pick the
    Louis Gossett, JR. – EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

  • brian m

    the Warm Bodies review was interesting,looking forward to seeing it!

  • i like the info about Lou Gossett Jr

  • Jeff Stolarcyk

    My favorite Interview was your Peter David Interview – I just heard he’s back at work on X-Factor and his recovery is going well!

  • Jim Butcher all the way!

  • Lee Hallison

    I really enjoyed Laura Anne Gilman’s story, Dance. Engaging and lovely.

  • Madison Woods

    My favorite interview is the one with Ian Sumerhalder… and why? Well, because, although I don’t have television at my house, if I did, I’d watch the program because he just looks like the kind of vampire I’d never tire of watching 😉

  • cs

    I LOVE Ian Somerhalder!!! So yes his interview is my fav too!

  • Sam

    My favorite interview at Buzzy Mag is the one with Louis Gossett Jr. Because Enemy Mine an Iron Eagle were awesome and I don’t care what anyone else says. 🙂

  • carogonza

    I liked the John CHo interview. It was honest and he came across like a nice guy

  • “Warm Bodies” for sure, love romance and love zombies…it’s a win-win!

  • liljrSanchez

    Warm Bodies… It has zombies!!!

  • my favorite it warm bodies. I love zombies!! 🙂

  • Carol Throckmorton

    I liked “Warm Bodies”, the zombie romance movie.

  • I liked Joshua Jackson Fringe interview. I am a huge fan of his and i love that he is Canadian!

  • the john cho interview, very informative

  • Jeane Campbell


    By Abbie Bernstein Wow, you got a lot of info about Mr. Gossett. He is an incredible actor. Up there with the best. His acting in “Roots” was remarkable.

  • I like fiction because of the great articles

  • jefflegg

    Love the interview with John Cho and here him talk about th short lived series Flashforward which was great. I wondered if the stars wanted it to go on or if it was over for them. Glad to know they were as dissatisfied having to wrap it up so fast as we fans were.

  • ginette4

    I like your Die Hard review, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to see this movie, usually things get old and boring after the first or second, glad to see there’s wasn’t any disappointment, will see it now – ginette4

  • ann

    Hansel&Gretel Witch Hunters review was easy and fun to read. “Leave your brains at the door” made it convincing enough for me want to see it.

  • Saba M.

    I liked the “Warm Bodies” review. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to watch this movie but from the reviews it seems like a good movie that is funny as well.

  • The kous gosset jr interview was great

  • Met these folks (or at least some of them 😉 ) at Mysticon and have been enjoying the magazine since! Here’s hoping for many more birthdays!

  • Mike

    I like all of the Dresden articles.

  • Kim

    Review mag is great! It’s well-written, has nice “punchy” summaries of each item under review, and the reviews of each item are nicely thought-out and not just “OH IT’S GREAT GO SEE IT YOU GOTTA READ IT” or “it stinks don’t bother”. There’s good REASONS behind all of the reviews, and why the reviewer did / didn’t like it.

  • Tim

    I liked the Oz movie review. After seeing the movie, I felt like I thought I liked it, but something was off. The review helped me figure out why I was feeling that way. It was an entertaining movie either way.

  • I really enjoyed this one:
    “Shakespeare Uncovered” – Exclusive Interview With Producer Richard Denton & WNET Head Of Programming Stephen Segaller

    “Shakespeare Uncovered” is a great series, if you like the plays. I liked being able to learn a little more of what went into the series, and I *LOVED* finding out that Tom Hiddleston’s Prince Hal/King Henry films are going to be coming up on “Great Performances” on PBS. YESSSS!

  • I love everything you guys have done with Jim Butcher. He’s amazing!

  • Dan D

    i enjoyed the review of Jim Butchers Harry Dresden series cold days.

  • i liked the warm bodies

  • Miss T

    I enjoyed To Touch A Unicorn I’m amazed by them so thats how I found your site first.

  • melan26

    I liked your review of Warm Bodies. I really enjoyed the film as well as the review; it certainly was a cute, quirky and a little wacky of a film. It wasn’t about zombies itself as much as it really was a love story. Really good film.

  • Chi

    I liked the Jamie Bamber “Monday Mornings” interview. It was interesting because I’m a huge fan of the “re-imagined” version of BSG, and I also had a chance to watch Law & Order (UK) in first run while I was living in London. I didn’t realize that he was back in the U.S. again.

  • I liked the interview with Matthew Morrison from “Glee”. I’ve grown to love his character on the show and his relationship with Emma and he’s spot on with the whole “Saved by the Bell” comparison LOL.

  • I have to go with the Warm Bodies review, for me its all about knowing if a movie is worth my money and sometimes a trailer just doesn’t do a good job of making me know what its all about….that’s where you review came in handy!

  • The Original Fiction Heroic Relics Interesting read and looks like full of suspense and some thought provoking ideas

  • carmen peterson

    I enjoyed your review of Warm Bodies. I can’t wait to see it!

  • lostjuan

    I enjoyed reading interview of jamie bamber. I always like him plus he had to use an american accent where as gayius who is also english didn’t.

  • I like your movie reviews.. Olympus has fallen and OZ are among two I liked!

  • I really like your review of Warm Bodies!!

  • Darwin

    I liked your review on the movie Oz.

  • Cory Fillion

    I entered your giveaway. It would be great to win the Ipad Mini.
    I liked your review on the movie Warm Bodies.
    I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see this movie, but after your review
    it sounds like a movie I would enjoy.

  • Margaret Smith

    I enjoyed the review on Warm Bodies. Love the romance and love that it’s also about Zombies.

  • Katharina Gerlach

    I liked your review of “The Long Earth”. I’ve been wondering if I should order it, but after your review decided to wait until the second book is out.

  • STLKen

    Looking forward to winning!

  • Air Guitar….it was touching

  • Wendi S

    I liked the review on he movie Looper by Elektra Hammond. I wanted to go see this when it first came out but, now I am sure I want to see it. I usually find the “time travel” movies hard to follow but now I have a frame of reference. On a personal note. Ms Hammond is very funny I enjoyed her sense of humor.
    wendishifflette at yahoo dot com

  • claudia

    I liked the review on the movie of Oz. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • Because I love all things Oz, I enjoyed your review.

  • rosannepm

    I read the review of Oblivion and it helped me decide not to waste the money to see it. Sounds like it’s a remake of some of his past movies

  • Jack the Giant Slayer had a great review, thanks will watch it

  • Nikita Herman

    warm bodies! because i like the movie and i like the review. the story, about love, and everything

  • Nikita Herman

    correction : warm bodies! because i like the book and i like the review. the story, about love, and everything

  • Trish F

    Hello, I read the review of Oblivion and I have to agree with the author. I went and saw it last night and I thought it was a well made movie too. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • I liked

    Reggie by Jason Dextradeur

  • Holly

    Oz the Great and Powerful Review. My friend has insisted I see this movie… I’ve been iffy about it because I’m not a fan of remakes, prequels, etc. I feel like they ruin movies I loved as a kid. Thanks for your review. I see I will more than likely be disappointed if I see it.

  • Kelly M

    I liked the Star Trek Into Darkness- Movie Review because I’m a fan of franchise but have been hesitant to see the new movie because of a few star trek movie duds in recent years. Thanks for the review!

  • Renata S

    I loved the Star Trek Into Darkness review, because I’m a first-generation trekkie too, and I’m not sure if I should see the movie 😉

  • I liked your review on oz.

  • ivy pluchinsky

    star trek review i loved that movie

  • Darlene

    The review on warm bodies! who dont love a good zombie movie & a fantastic review!

  • Tammy D

    I loved the warm bodies review, great movie, I cant wait to see it, I love Romantic Vampire stories!!! *Tammy Dalley*

  • Suzanne B

    I like the Star Trek Into Darkness movie review because I am a Star Trek geek and I feel here I will get an honest review. Even if the plot has Mack truck-sized holes I feel after reading this I will still have a fun time viewing it.

  • Megan Denham

    Epic – Movie Review. I wanted to see the movie but animated films can be so hit or miss. After reading the review I will definitely check out the movie.

  • barbie squires

    Movie reviews, Like others opinions before watching or not.

  • Barrie

    Epic review was helpful as we were on the fence about it.

  • mrbme

    Oz was an interesting take on the story of the wizard of oz – i look forward to the sequel.

  • Gera H

    I loved the warm bodies review! Convinced my girlfriend and I to give it a try and it was great! Can’t pass along a zombie comedy film

  • Omima Asghar

    My favourite Buzzy Mag original fiction interview isthe one with

    Nick Mamatas

  • Mary Beth Elderton

    I liked the review of ‘After Earth.’ From what I’m reading and from watching the trailers for the movie, this review may be the best thing about it.

  • volcombrandon

    The review of warm bodies was great! I read it a few times!

  • Amy Heffernan

    I love the reviews. I am always looking for someones opinion on something before i sit for awhile to watch say a movie or read a book.

  • Janel

    The Epic movie review — liked the review because it was informative and let me know whether or not to go see it now, or to wait.

  • megancrose

    Loved the David Tennant interview 🙂 My entire household has watched Dr. Who has a family for years – my little girls LOVED the link to the Dr Who cast singing along to the Proclaimers and watched it just now. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    i liked the Iron Man 3 review. It was realistic.

  • Kelly Gordon

    Oz The Great and Powerful review, have not yet seen it but I’m very much looking forward to seeing it now :0 Great review/read!

  • I love the Man of Steel review, it’s a great in depth review of the movie. Rafflecopter as Sonya Neal

  • Star Trek Into Darkness review.I haven’t watched anything star trek since watching the original ones as a kid with my dad. After reading your review,I wanna see if the new ones are any good 🙂

  • Jaclyn Reynolds

    I enjoyed the interview with Special Effects Makeup Artist Jonathan Thornton. That stuff facinates me!

  • Talisha sturms

    The review of oz the great and powerful I have heard so many bad things but reading your review does want me to go and rent it.

  • Mary Kincaid

    David Tennant “The Spies of Warsaw & Doctor Who” Exclusive Interview

    By Abbie Bernstein

    I thought this was a great interview about the acting process for David. He tells us how he gets ready for a role and some of the challenges associated with the part. But the greatest thing about this interview is the Doctor Who videos!!! They are hilarious!! I had to watch them twice! David as the Doctor was a great run and I’m excited about the 50th anniversary episode so we can see him again in that role. But because of other projects like Spies of Warsaw and a fantastic movie he did a while back called Einstein and Eddington the audience gets to see David as the fantastic actor he is! Great interview and I look forward to seeing more about the wonderful world of movies, books and entertainment that Buzzy brings to its fans! Happy Birthday Buzzy!! 😀

  • Samuel Marzioli

    My favorite story is currently The Clean War, by Shelly Li and Ken Liu (you can’t go wrong when Ken is involved). The fiction is best part of this site. Keep up the good work!

  • R. Frost

    The review of oz the great and powerful I have heard so many bad things but reading your review does want me to go and rent it.

  • yellowlabs

    I liked the Epic movie review. I have been thinking of having my son watch this movie and this just confirmed it would be a good choice.

  • Richard Hicks

    Rockne S. O’Bannon Interview
    BECAUSE it shows his true character and the his brillance

  • Andrea

    I liked the man of steel review best because it seems to pretty much echo my feelings, and not only do i relate to it I understand it and think we could sit and have coffee and discus this movie and the whole superman franchise more in depth

  • AmandaSakovitz

    Iron Man 3 review because it was genuine

  • Lynne T.

    My favorite is the Being Human-American Style review

  • Thomas Murphy

    I like the review about World War Z, I have been wanting to see it and the review made me want to see it more.


  • Dawn VonZombie

    i liked the review of warm bodies (Review By Elektra Hammond) it was a good review and hit the movie right on, i liked the movie myself…

  • blessedta

    A Meek And Thankful Heart by Jeff Somers because I enjoyed the story

  • bittripfan

    the story

  • susan1215

    I liked the review of Man of Steel because it was a movie my husband and myself had planned to see.