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Henry Winkler Interview

For the 1974-1984 run of HAPPY DAYS, Henry Winkler as Arthur - Fonzie - Fonzarelli was the epitome of TV cool. Three decades later, Winklers resume is filled with acting, producing and directing credits, as well as co-authoring a series


John Noble Interview - Walter from Fringe. John Nobles natural Australian lilt is softer and smoother than the sonorous tones he employs as Dr. Walter Bishop, let alone the stern, cool voice he uses as - Walternate, -
Joe Manganiello Interview

Joe Manganiello Interview

Joe Manganiello Interview - For those who may be wondering, Manganiello comes off every bit as tall and fit in person as he does onscreen, albeit he seems a lot more easygoing than the understandably tense Alcide. In his trailer next

Alexander Skarsgard Interview

Dont expect Skarsgard to provide spoilers, but during a break for a change in camera set-ups in the set of the Fangtasia basement, the Swedish actor sits down to tell us what he can about playing Eric in True Bloods third
nelsen ellis interview passed away

Nelsan Ellis Interview

Nelsan Ellis Interview, LaFayette Reynolds: HBO True Blood - Initially, Ellis says, Lafayettes longevity came as a surprise to him, as he was familiar with the character’s fate in the books.