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Cthulhu Shirt

Big Face Cthulhu Shirts Have Arrived! Shop Buzzy!

Calling Cthulu fans, we have a monstrously cool Cthulu T-Shirt for you.
funniest c-p30 quotes, best c3po quotes, c3po star wars

Star Wars – C-3PO Makes the Humor Gold

Comedic Relief in all Star Wars Films - Best C-3PO Quotes. The Funniest C-3PO Quotes that bring laughter to the iconic Civil War in a Galaxy Far Far Away
J.K. Rowling, harry potter books

Will J.K. Rowling write more Harry Potter books?

Will J.K. Rowling add any more books to the Harry Potter series? How to get your Harry Potter fix through short stories and a play.
troglodyte, bone tomahawk

What are Troglodytes? Cavemen? Are they real?

Bone Tomahawk, a Kurt Russell film, features "Cavemen" style characters they call Troglodytes. What is a Troglodyte? Are they real?
star wars, jedi, force powers

Where did the Star Wars sound effects come from??

Star Wars Sound Effects. Find out how production created the iconic and bizarre sounds from Star Wars characters, weapons, and vehicles.