Bill Comption Bust – Product Review

BILL COMPTON BUST – Product Review
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True Blood: Bill Compton Bust

True Blood: Bill Compton Bust

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I had no idea what I was getting into when I picked up the paperback of Dead Until Dark in 2001. No one in the bookstore had heard of Charlaine Harris, but when I sat down to read the first chapter, I couldn’t stop.

Who’d have thunk the books would end up a hot television show just six years later?

I confess, I am a fan of Charlaine Harris’ written word, but not so much the television program. I watched one season of True Blood and the show never quite segued with my expectations. I liked Anna Paquin as Sookie and Stephen Moyer as Bill, but I couldn’t make the jump from book to television as I have with Game of Thrones and other fannish passions.

I was definitely a Compton fan for longer in the books. I’d have staked him in the car trunk and been done with it. He’s very likely going to prove the Machiavellian rule about absolute power on True Blood.

In my opinion, this bust is a very good likeness of Stephen Moyer, who plays Bill in the television series. It measures 6.75 inches tall and weighs a little over a pound so it’s pretty stable and durable.

I have three issues with the figure. One, it’s breakable and easier to topple than I would prefer; therefore, it must be well out of reach of the flying monkey (aka my cat, Indiana Jones). Two, you can’t see Bill’s fangs. This may be a non-issue with other people, but I enjoy seeing the vampires being themselves. The third issue is that this item technically is not a bust. If you’re okay with these issues, I think you will enjoy adding Bill to your collection.
-Review By Rebecca Kyle

Bill Compton Bust:
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Rebecca Kyle

Rebecca Kyle

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Rebecca Kyle