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Patricia Briggs Audio Book Release – Dragon Blood – Narrated by Joe Manganiello

Buzzy Multimedia is pleased to announce the release of their unabridged audio book of Dragon Blood, the second book in the Hurog Duology, written by best-selling fantasy author Patricia Briggs and performed by Joe Manganiello. Listeners will find “Dragon Blood” to

Shannon K. Butcher Video Interview

Shannon K. Butcher Video Interview

The Choices in Changes

I have often said that Harry Dresden is a true hero, he always does the right thing no matter what - it doesnt matter that the heros path is a hard trail to walk, thankless and unrewarding, Harry always tread upon

There are no Muggles in the Dresden-Verse

True, Murphy cannot say a single magical word and set a building ablaze like Harry can, but with a push of a button she can have a SWAT team sweep in and do worse more efficiently. Harry may have saved Murphy

Tavi & The Lord Raglan scale (The Codex Alera)

If you have not read the series and like fantasy books give - Codex Alera - a try, but consider yourself forewarned, Tavi is not Harry and the world of Alera is as far from Chicago as one can get. With