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Sam’s Requests by Paul Levinson

Sam’s Requests by Paul Levinson. Synopsis: Sam’s Requests is a science fiction short story that explores the legacy of music and its endurance in the distant future. It even reaches one whose symbiotic relationship with her spacecraft was probably not
science fiction short story

Layover by Karl Dandenell

I opened my eyes. The subdued lighting softened the harsh lines of my cryocapsule, making it appear more hospital bed than coffin. I shivered in the cold air, and rejoiced at the thought of seeing another day.
science fiction short story

The Mechanical Nature of Love by Karen Heuler

Synopsis: This science fiction story is less about technology and more about humanity. What would life be like in a world without men? Would the missing testosterone end wars and social injustice or would there be something missing that even peace and
science fiction story

The Caress of a Butterfly’s Wing by Christopher L. Bennett

The Caress of a Butterfly’s Wing by Christopher L. Bennett Synopsis: The Caress of a Butterfly is a hard science fiction story. A tale of love and transhumanism in a remote and dangerous star system. There has been a division in humanity due
science fiction short story

Rats Will Run by Marina J. Lostetter

Rats Will Run by Marina J. Lostetter. Synopsis: “Rats Will Run” is a science fiction story that takes place on a desolate world in an isolated research facility. Are the researchers dealing with an advanced case of cabin fever