Joy Poger – Alive & Kicking

 Joy Poger – Alive & Kicking!

joy-poger-hatIt has been almost a year since my last post “I Am Here”.   Around the time of that post I asked my GP if I would be around this time next year. She could not look me in the eye, instead she looked down at her papers and did not give me an answer. I went to her for a tweak on a medication last week — she was over the moon that indeed I Am Still Here! Even though I battled cancer, this year has brought me great joy, happiness and peace. All truly is well with my soul. Don’t get me wrong I hate cancer, chemo and all the complications that go with it. I am so grateful for how Christ has made lemonade from my lemons. I now know about the joy unspeakable, realize I am greatly loved and have met some of the most incredible human beings as a result of my cancer. I am a better and stronger person for having gone through the cancer process. If you are interested about my walk with God and/or knowing about my Ovarian Cancer Stage 3C — just give me a shout out and I will respond. (

In our lives we have some dramatic highs and heartbreaking lows. Mostly we live in the between times. I am currently in that between time and am loving it. Back to business, back to working on Buzzy.  June and I are currently getting our Buzzy “sea legs” back. We have plans which we want and need your help with.

Here is how you can be part of bringing us back !

First we are selling our tees and audios again! For any business cash flow is necessary in order to create new products. Have you had a chance to look over our awesome collection of tees – please visit our shop! Not interested in our tees? No problem, share our stuff that you think some of your friends may enjoy on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest .  Have you had a chance to listen to free chapters of our audios books? Give a listen, perhaps you would like some company on your next long drive or workout.

We will be adding interviews, reviews and articles to BuzzyMag slowly as readership and finances come back online. Accepting fiction may take a bit longer, we want to make sure my health, our finances and readership hold out before taking on the work load and commitment. We have some terrific short stories on that you may have missed, this would be a good time to sample some of them. If you have not shared your favorite BuzzyMag short story, review or article… please take the time to do so.

Buzzy Multimedia is known for our outstanding audio book productions. It appears there may be Kickstarter news for our next audiobook within the coming months.

In the meantime, it would really help us if you would browse our magazine… hours and hours of good reads are to be found here. Bookmark us, sign up for our newletter & shop Buzzy.

If you are interested in submitting Book or Movie Reviews for BuzzyMag click here.

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Joy Poger
Buzzy Lady #1 Joy Poger is the CEO & Co-Founder of Buzzy Multimedia Publishing. Please note than the last name is P-O-G-E-R not R-O-G-E-R although if you are Dreamworks or an exceptionally interesting individual I am sure she would let that sort of mistake slide. As much a Queens girl as Geraldine Ferraro or Nancy Reagan she is also an alumni of the same school that gave us such diverse people as Captain Kangaroo (Bob Keeshan), Jerry Springer, Simon & Garfunkel, Stan Lee and The Ramones…all of them. Leaving tenured teaching positions behind where she was adored and underpaid as all teachers are she decided to get in touch with her inner geek, throw all caution to the wind and founded Buzzy Multimedia Publishing. Anyone who can turn 30 undisciplined American kids into a functioning working unit with a look and a single line can handle the toughest of business situations.
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