1)Sci-Fi & Fantasy Short Story Submissions:
At this time we are not accepting submissions.  For more information when submissions will be accepted click here.

2)Book & Movie Reviews – Submission Guidelines.
Get paid to tell us what you think. We are seeking genre book reviews. Did you just read a book you would like to warn the world against reading or one that you think is entertaining, maybe even earth shaking? If you can write a review of interest within fandom and can meet the specs below then you’ll get our attention.

-Reviews should be between 400-600 words in length.
-At this time we are not accepting reviews on self-published works.
-The book should have a release date of no more than 3 months in the past.
-Keep in mind a review is an opinion, not a book report. Be wary of spoilers.
-Reviews once accepted and paid for may not be posted anywhere else on the internet.
-Cut and past review into an email
-Send to info(at)buzzymag.com, subject line: Review – “title of book”
– We will try our best to let you know of acceptance/rejection within 2 weeks.
-Payment is 5 cents per word. Paid through paypal.

3) Blogging:

Do you have a favorite author or aspect of fandom you want to share? We are seeking bloggers who want to write about their favorite topics. (authors, books series, aspects of fandom etc.)   For example, on BuzzyMag we currently have sections on author Jim Butcher, a collection of posts On Writing, and  Life Lessons…   Right now Buzzy has a high interest in “Top 10” types of posts.

-Send us your pitch
-Blog posts should be between 800-1500 words.
-We pay 5 cents per word via payapl.