The Great Pizza Debate: Chicago vs New York

The Great Pizza Debate: Chicago vs New York

Everyone loves some form of pizza.

When it comes to The Great Pizza Debate,
I decided to make a list of FACTS about each pie,
analyze them, take an educated stand.

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Dear Sara,

I am a pizza enthusiast and am feeling conflicted about which city I should spend my vacation eating around. I was hoping you could help me out with deciding on the Great Pizza Debate. Which Pizza is better? Chicago or New York style?

Desperately needing guidance,

Dear Jeremy,

I completely understand your inner struggle. It is one that most Pizza lovers will experience at some point in their lives. With this being a passionate and highly controversial topic, I can see how reaching out to Google on the issue could dig you into a further identity crisis.  You will inevitably become bombarded with lobbyists of each Pizza City, using mouth-watering buzz words to recruit you onto their team. I will list out some of the FACTS on each breed of slice below. I hope this helps you in your identity crisis, as well as vacation plans.

Logistics (Difference in layering):
Chicago: Listed from the bottom to top – Dough, Cheese, Toppings, Sauce.
New York: Listed from bottom to top – Dough, Sauce, Cheese, Toppings.

Method of Consumption: 
Knife, fork, and plate a MUST. Paper and plastic are possible, but risky.
New York: Thin, able to be folded in half and easily grabbed on-the-go.

Framing of Crust:
Chicago pizza features a thick, at least 1 inch, crust (hence the term “Deep Dish”). Creating a bowl-like crust, gives the pizza eater an experience of taste bud immersion into cheese, sauce and assortment of toppings, perfectly melted together and living harmoniously.
New York: New York style pizza takes a thinner stance on their crust construction. Thinner crust, poses the opportunity for a larger number of slices to fit in the human belly, thus allotting the consumer/connoisseur the ability to try several different topping combinations.

Slip n’ Slide, how does the Oil Hide?: 
Chicago: Less is more. The liquid texture comes mainly from the sauce.
New York: Dripping in Oil.

Rocking the Toppings:
Chicago: Given the deepness of the crust, Pizza artisans are able to construct new topping combinations with variations of sizes and differently shaped toppings.
New York: The thinness of the crust requires dressings to remain consistent with the flat stature of the pizza itself, otherwise the weight of oversized toppings could buckle the crust and destroy the ease of consumption.

Cheese Louise!:
Chicago: Eating your way around Chicago, you are apt to find a more liberal, experimental use of different types of cheeses in pizzas.
New York: Stick to the Mozzarella.

Presentation Pros and Cons:
Chicago: Chicago style pizza is beautifully presented in a thicker, more casserole-like form. This is good when you are enjoying a leisurely dinner with a friend, but not so beneficial for those grabbing a quick meal on the go.
New York: Only tool required to consume is one hand. Great for any meal (even breakfast) at any time. Portable pizza is great because you can multi-task while eating it. Travel, exercise, working, reading, you name it! The con? I can’t think of one.

With planning a trip around Pizza, I would suggest, Jeremy that this time you go with New York. You will be able to sample a slice, walk it off, and then sample something completely different… without feeling heavy, tired, and bloated.

Yours Truly,
Sara Bellum
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The Great Pizza Debate: Chicago vs New York
Article Name
The Great Pizza Debate: Chicago vs New York
The Great Pizza Debate: Chicago vs New York