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Save Money – Shop Early @ Buzzy Multimedia

Save Money - Shop Early at Buzzy Multimedia Black Friday through Cyber Monday Save @ Buzzy get 20% off any Buzzy Tee. offer good until 11/29/10. Use coupon code "buzzytees20" at when asked for a coupon at checkout. Plus a VERY

Film 101 with…. David Winning

Born in Calgary in 1961, Director, David Winning has worked on numerous films and TV series. He made his first film aged 10, but it was his 1987 feature, Storm that brought him his first taste of success when it was

Julie Benz: JUST BUSY

Yes, there are the romantic comedy and drama films she's done for Lifetime, but audiences are apt to know her for the vampire Darla she essayed throughout the runs of both BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and its spinoff ANGEL or Rita

John Lithgow On His Killer Role In “DEXTER”

Dexter, The Trinity Killer, John LithgowSome people are most familiar with John Lithgow as the well-intentioned if very confused alien commander on six seasons of the NBC sitcom 3RD ROCK FROM THE SUN
Halloween Movies List

Horror Film Countdown to Halloween

Top Ten Horror Movies of All Time. Bad Movies are better than high budget, well directed, well acted ones…. they’re like the proverbial Train Wreck…. you don’t wanna look…. but you can’t look away either…. so enjoy…. and Happy Halloween.