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The Other Side of East – Sneaking Up on the Millennium, 90s Anime

The Other Side of East – Sneaking up on the Millennium 90s Kids nostalgia! A look back at what the final decade of the 20th century contributed to the anime phenomenon. By Michaele Jordan Shall we talk about the 90’s? I
kubo and monkey, kubo and the two strings, american anime

Right in Front of you – American Anime

Modern American Anime: The Incredibles, WALL-E, Zootopia, and Kubo and the Two Strings. All about Anime blog - history of, and current anime
astro boy, astro boy original cover, osamu tezuke

Intro to Anime: The Early Years

Most Celebrated Early Anime Astro Boy, Cyborg 009, Lupin the Third, Galaxy Express 999, Space Battleship Yamato,Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z  By Michaele Jordan In June, I told you we’d talk about some of the older animé this time, but I promise not to bore you
first anime, the tale of the white serpent 1958

Animé 101: Intro to Animé

Best things about Anime: Where it's from, how it started, which series' to start off with, and why there's actually nothing weird about it. - All about Anime - Intro to the background and where it started
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Spirit In Flight by Michaele Jordan

Spirit In Flight by Michaele Jordan . An Urban Fantasy Ghost Story. The spirit drifted up from the cold and the dark, utterly without thought or identity, eventually turning—not so much seeking as being drawn—toward the warmth. There was