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Top Ten Sci-Fi & Fantasy Couples

Top 10 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Couples by June K. Williams Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. As geeks and gamers have the urge to merge as much as mundanes or muggles I thought I’d weigh in on the top SF

James Marsters Narrates The Greyfriar – Chapter 2

James Marsters Narrates The Greyfriar by Sue & Clay Griffith. Listen To Chapter 2 for FREE!
Joe Manganiello Interview

Joe Manganiello Interview

Joe Manganiello Interview - For those who may be wondering, Manganiello comes off every bit as tall and fit in person as he does onscreen, albeit he seems a lot more easygoing than the understandably tense Alcide. In his trailer next

mmmmm … Ian Somerhalder

As soon as the character of Damon Salvatore walked onto the screen in full view my dad let out a long and sincere fatherly sigh saying - Well, theres your new TV boyfriend. - What can I say, my dad knows

mmmmm… Jensen Ackles

Normally, I am not a fan girl, stalking my favorite hottie-de jour via the internet and Google Alerts so that at any given moment I know exactly where in the world my beloved is. Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Supernatural,							<div class= Read More